• What is Export Import Data Solutions?

    Export Import Data Solution is one of the best import export data providing companies in Delhi, India. It helps in preparing a smooth trading pathway by removing the information gap required for enhancing the Indian trade scenario.

  • What type of data services do you provide?

    We provide India trade data that includes -

    • Export data India
    • Import data India
    • Indian customs data
    • Indian Trade data
    • Exim Data bank
  • How to Search?

    You can search data for any product using product name, product HS code or both product name and HS code for import or export.

  • Is the data provided updated?

    Yes, the data is updated every month. Indian customs and different ports release data on different dates of the month and accordingly we update our data. You can access the updated data by simply logging-in through the id and password provided during your data subscription.

  • How is the data beneficial to me?

    The data will help the exporters and importers in many ways as -

    • Tracking and analyzing competitors shipment
    • Finding new markets for the products
    • Time-saving tool in finding partners, suppliers, buyers, customers, and competitors.
    • Identify the untouched area of the trade market.
    • Help in making appropriate business decisions based on trade statistics.
  • What type of data should I buy?

    You can buy the data which suits your business requirements like-

    • If you want the names of Importers and Exporters then Customs Trade Data will be best suitable for you. It will help you to track the activity of Importers and Exporters.
    • If you are doing primary research to know the market size and the details like price, quantities, etc. then statistical data will suit you the most.
    • You can go for the analysis report if you want to analyze the market trends of your products.
    • If you own and operate a merchandise company, the data will provide you with information about Indian importers/buyers and exporters/exporters with contact details online that will help in finding new customers and grow the business.
  • What are the HS codes?

    The World Customs Organisation (WCO) developed an internationally standardized system of names and codes to classify traded products by a tariff nomenclature known as the harmonized system of codes (HS code). The HS is organized logically as per the component's material. It is organized into 21 sections, which are further subdivided into 99 chapters. The 99 HS chapters are then subdivided into 1,244 headings and 5224 subheadings. The HS code consists of 6- 10 digits. The first two digits denote the HS chapter, the second two digits denote the HS heading and the Third two digits the HS subheading. This code is almost the same for any product up to 6 digits in all the countries but it varies for the next 8 or 10 digits.

  • Why is HS code important?

    The HS code is a classification system specifically designed for the use of traders. Some of the important roles played by the HS codes are as followed

    • It is useful for the identification of commodities/products to be exported or imported through the country's borders.
    • This is required for the classification of products/commodities in the worldwide system for customs clearance.
    • It is needed for easy understanding of tariff duty for the traded products also the standard duty rates, antidumping and countervailing duties are closely related to HS codes.
    • It is essential for monitoring the trade of controlled commodities such as harmful waste, ozone-depleting products, narcotics and drugs, chemical weapons and endangered species.
  • How can I find out the HS code of my commodity?

    If you want to find out the HS code of your product you can search exportimportdata.in in google then visit www.exportimportdata.in/hs-code. This page has a complete list of HS codes of chapters 01 to 98. You can find the HS code(s) of your products(s).

  • Can I get a demo/sample before data purchase?

    Yes, you can get a demo (sample data) before purchasing your data. The demo sample is free of cost. You just need to fill the demo data form on our website.

  • How soon would I be contacted back after dropping a query?

    Our sales team will contact you within 4 hours of the business day after dropping your query.

  • What are the fields covered in the data?

    The data contains important fields like port name, HS Code, product description, quantity, net weight, price, customs duty, importer/exporter name and many more.

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