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Export Import Data solutions is one of the best import export information websites in India that provides Indian trade data services and trading business information. Currently, Export import data is the best import export data provider and market research Company in India.

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HS Code

(Harmonized System Code)

HARMONIZED SYSTEM CODE is a numeric value of the classification of goods. HS codes are formed to classify trade goods and the standardization of goods across the world. HS Code comprises of 6 to 10 digits. HS codes remain the same across the world at 6 Digits Level but it varies for 8 or 10 digits. HS Code is also known as (Harmonized System of Nomenclature) HSN Code in India.

Hs Code
Custom Duty

Custom Duty

Customs duty is a tax imposed by customs on the import of goods as well as the export of goods. Customs duty is paid by the Importer at the time of releasing the goods from customs. Importer files bill of entry document to release the goods/item(s). Customs duties depend on products that vary from country to country.

Export Import Data Company

Export Import Data solutions is one of the best online import export websites in India that provides trade data services and trading business information. Currently, Export import data is the best import export data provider and market research companies in India.

Our Major Services

Our major services are export and import data India, India shipment data, India trade data and information related trading with and in India. We have been serving the 100% genuine, reliable, and updated import and export Data bank India since 2009. We help exporters and importers to do better trading business, to improve and increase revenue.

You can get a free HSN/HS code list and custom duty in India for any product on our website free of cost.

Features of Our Import Export Data Bank

We use the latest technology and techniques to collect, filter, manage, verify and validate import export data India. The entire data is managed in an easy to understand format that is helpful for every businessman. We gather Indian shipment data from customs authorities of India, Indian ports, and other reliable shipment information keeping organizations. India Customs data contains importers/buyers or exporters/suppliers name, port name, HSN code, product description date of shipment, price, quantity, etc. Our Data dashboard is very simple you can manage, search, and filter data easily according to your business requirements.

Importance of India in Trade Business

India is one of the top developing countries in the world. It plays a prominent role in trading business with most of the countries in the world. Indian Exim data is very useful for Indian exporters/suppliers and importers/buyers to get real import export information India.

Benefits of Indian Import Export Data

Our Exim data India is accurate, ready-to-use and relevant customs data. This shipment data helps to do in-depth research and find out the right trading partners, determine market share, explore new potential markets and customers for your products in India and around the world.

Free Sample Data and Live Demo Search

You can download a free sample data report on data import export website (exportimportdata.in) to get the idea about the records; this includes actual custom shipment data India that we offer to you. You can also do an online free demo live search on our site about shipment import export data India before buying data from us.

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