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India Export & Import Data?

Import and Export data helps in many ways for exporters/buyer, importers/suppliers, manufactures, logistic firms, market research companies, and other people that are doing export import business. Import export data can be used to find targeted customers (importers) for products, to search new supplier, price, logistic companies can get new customers, and market research organizations can do analysis of market trend.

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HS Code

(Harmonized System Code)

HARMONIZED SYSTEM CODE is a numeric value of classification of goods. HS codes are formed to classify trade goods and standardization of goods across the world. HS codes remain same across the world at 6 Digit Level

Custom Duty

Custom duty is tax imposed by customs on import of goods.Custom duty is paid by the Importer at the time of releasing the goods from customs. Importer files bill of entry document to release the goods.

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