Basmati Rice Export Data


                                 Basmati Rice Export Data

Rice is the most widely consumed staple around the world, especially in Asia. Rice is extremely important for human nutrition and calorie intake. There are three varieties of rice short-grain rice, medium-grain rice, and long-grain rice. Basmati is a long grain aromatic rice that usually grows in the Indian subcontinent.  Basmati is derived from Sanskrit and means fragrant. India produces 70% of the basmati grown around the world. Basmati rice is primarily grown in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar. There are over 32 varieties of Basmati rice under section 5 of the Seeds Act in India.

Basmati rice export data shows that India exported 4.86 billion dollars in the financial year 2019. This was primarily due to the aggressive buying of rice by Iran. This shows a slight jump of 4.17 billion dollars exported in 2018. There was a huge jump between FY 2018 and FY 2017 when 1.87 billion dollars was exported.  Haryana exported basmati rice worth 2,410 million dollars. 

The basmati rice export data revealed that the Mundra Sea, Loni ICD, Kandla ICD were the major ports for exporting basmati rice. 90% of basmati rice was exported from these ports. 

The major basmati rice export partners of India are:-

  • Iran (364.09million dollars)
  • Saudi Arabia (183.22 million dollars)
  •  Iraq (56.95  million dollars)
  •  UAE (56.95 million dollars)
  • Yemen  Republic (43.06  million dollars)

The basmati rice export data revealed Iran and Saudi Arabia accounted for 50-55% of the basmati rice exported from India. EU is a smaller market and is subject to strict norms regarding pesticide residue.  Other important export partners include the USA, Kuwait, UK, and Jordan. As per projection, there may be a dip in the exports of basmati rice due to geopolitical tensions in the Middle-East.

Some top basmati rice exporters in India are:-

  • India Gate (KBRL)
  • Dawat (LT Foods)
  • Kohinoor
  • Aeroplane Basmati Rice
  • Amira

The Agriculture & Processed Food Product Export Development Authority (APEDA) is under the Department of Commerce helps in the export promotion of rice including basmati rice. APEDA registered Basmati rice as a GI in February 2016. APEDA has also formed the Basmati Export Development Foundation (BEDF) takes on activities to promote exports and develop basmati rice. The APEDA has been assisting Basmati rice exporters under various export schemes. 

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