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India's G20 Presidency: Nation's Priorities for Foreign Trade

The G20 is known as the Group of Twenty or an international forum comprising 19 of the world's largest economies and the European Union. Each year, one member country presides over the G20, hosts its annual summit, and shapes the agenda.

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How can export/import data help in a successful global trade?

Export Import Data is crucial for effective international trade. Import and export data is regarded as the "Golden Key" to success in trade commerce since it is essential to the success of commercial ventures.

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Why is Export Import Data so Important for Traders?

Data on imports and exports is compiled from shipping companies and customs offices at ports all around the world. This data includes details on the product, including its description, quantity, price, and HS, or Harmonised Code.

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Top 10 Regional Trading Blocs in the World

Trade blocs are associations of nations that create preferential trade agreements among their members. It is a collection of nations contained within a particular geographic area.

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