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International trade is economic transactions that occur between countries. It means the import and export of goods or services. Export is the selling of products and services from one country to another country. Import is the purchase of products and services from a foreign country. Countries trade internationally when they do not have enough resources or have excess resources after meeting domestic demand. Countries use import export data to evaluate their top traded commodities and top trade partners. 

We collect import export data from various sources a countries customs department, trade associations, government bodies, port authorities, shipping companies, etc. It is based on documentation (shipping bill, bills of lading, shipping manifest) generated for import-export trade. Our data experts verify each entry before it is added to the database. The import-export data typically contains:-

  • Date of shipment
  • HS Code 
  • Product description
  • Importer name and address
  • Exporter name and address
  • Unit Quantity and Gross quantity
  • FOB in USD
  • Origin Country
  • Destination Country
  • Port of origin
  • Destination port
  • Shipment Mode

Exporters and importers utilize export and import data to find buyers and sellers anywhere in the world in real-time. They use the database to find new markets for selling or procuring products. They study the export and import data to formulate the price and volume strategy. Businesses utilize the information to calculate their present market share and look for ways to maximize profits with low risks. They can monitor the business strategy of their competitors. They can track other traders supplying the product to their customers. They study market trends and predict changing customer preferences. Exporters and importers utilize the data to look for new opportunities to diversify. 

Logistic and shipping bodies use the export and import data to get an updated list of importers and exporters. They study the database to contact maritime, air, dry ports, and shipment globally.

Banks and other financial companies use the data to get a deeper understanding of the trading activities of different companies. They use the data to ascertain the risks before offering financial services. Trade bodies examine data to learn the flow of raw materials and commodities, identify the market leaders in their categories.

 There are several data providers. One of the best import-export data providers is Export Import Data Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The company is the leading market research company providing authentic import-export data. We provide our customers with unparalleled customer support and unconditional after-sales services. We provide updated and relevant data to take your business to the next level. 

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