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Ceramic Tiles Export Data

Ceramic tiles have become an integral part of most households. Ceramic tiles can change the interior and exterior look of your house. The Indian ceramic tile market grew at 15% despite the slowdown in the Indian economy. The Indian ceramic tile industry is the 3rd largest producer in the world. There are plans to double the capacity by 2021. The government of India announced enormous investments in infrastructure projects in 2020 and the ceramic tiles industry is expecting to see tremendous growth. 

According to data, 70% of India’s ceramic tile output comes from Gujarat alone. Morbi is the third-largest ceramic industry cluster in the world. The state is expected to receive an estimated investment of 15 billion rupees. 50 new factories to manufacture ceramic tiles in Gujarat are in the pipeline. Indians are the 6th largest consumers of ceramic tiles in the world. Other ceramic product clusters are in Udaipur (Rajasthan), Khuja (UP), Palpara (West Bengal), and East and West Godavari (Andhra Pradesh), and Cuddalore (Tamil Nadu).

Ceramic tiles export data is collected from custom ports across the country. The data is collated from the bill of material and shipping details given to custom officials. The data contains information such as product description with HS Code, unit and total quantity, cost of the shipment, name and contact details of the importer and exporter, the port of dispatch and the destination port, and the date of the shipment. 

India is steeping its efforts to increase its export share in the international market. Ceramic tiles export data shows that India exported 1226.96 million dollars in 2019 up from 733.64 million USD in 2018. In 2017 India was the 24th largest ceramic trading nation. 

We can classify ceramic tiles that are exported into

  • Wall Tiles (20% market share) 
  • Floor Tiles (25% market share)

Floor Tiles and Wall Tiles are further classified into vitrified/porcelain tile (50% market share), and industrial tile segments (7% market share). Both floor and wall tiles are available in different colors, designs, surface finish, and textures.  

Ceramic tile exporting partners of India are:-

  • United States of America (317.31 Billion INR)
  • United Arab Emirates (154.63 Billion INR)
  • China (108.00 billion INR)
  • Germany (52.87 billion INR)
  • Hong Kong (50.45 billion INR)
  • Saudi Arabia (47.88 billion INR) 
  • Singapore (46.66 billion INR)
  • Netherland (46.54billion INR)
  • Nepal (44.03 billion INR)
  • Malaysia (35.91 billion INR)

Ceramic tiles are mainly exported from Mundra port, Gurgaon ICD, Kandla, and Madras port. Mundra port handles 95.29% of the export primarily because of its proximity to Morbi. Gurgaon ICD handles 1.67% of the export, while Kandla handled 0.57% of ceramic tile exports

According to the ceramic tile export data, the top ceramic tiles exporters in India are:-

  • Kajaria Ceramics (exports to 30 countries)
  • Somany Ceramics Ltd (exports to 65 countries) 
  • Nitco Ltd (exports to 25 countries)
  • Simpolo Ceramics (exports to 45 countries)
  • Varmora Ceramic (exports to 70 countries)

Other major exporters are Morbi Ceramic Industries, Lavish Ceramics, and SarkarMarbo.

The international ceramics market is expected to see tremendous growth. The Indian ceramic industry can become the leading exporter of ceramic tiles in the world. With enhanced production capacity the industry is looking to double its turnover by 2021 fueled by domestic consumptions and exports to the Middle-East and Europe. Indian manufacturers are looking to compete with China in costs. It now has to increase the product portfolio and look for newer markets. 

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