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Commercial Vehicle Spare Parts Export Data From India - A Complete Overview


India has emerged as a prominent player in a variety of industries, including the export of heavy commercial vehicle replacement parts, in the global trade and commerce environment. As the automotive industry evolves, the demand for dependable and efficient spare parts for heavy commercial vehicles has increased significantly. This blog seeks to provide an in-depth analysis of India's export data for these critical components. Along with this, we provide updated heavy trucks parts export data and accurate heavy auto parts market statistics.

The Growing Demand for Heavy Commercial Vehicle Spare Parts

The heavy commercial vehicle parts business is critical to the transportation and logistics industries. Trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles are the economy's lifeline, allowing the free flow of products across borders. As these cars accumulate miles, wear and tear becomes unavoidable, necessitating the use of high-quality spare parts.

With its strong manufacturing skills and a large pool of trained labor, India has emerged as an important contributor to the global supply chain for heavy commercial vehicle spare parts. The country is home to a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers who produce components that match international requirements.

Let's look at the export data to learn more about the dynamics of heavy commercial vehicle spare parts exports from India:

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Heavy Vehicle Spare Parts Export Data: Brief Overview

India Export statistics provide an insightful view of the country's growing truck parts export market. As per Heavy Truck Parts Export data, a stunning 136,100 truck parts shipments began their voyages abroad in a lively exchange between 1,800 Indian exporters and 4,055 international customers.

These parts are found all around the world, with the United States, Thailand, and Russia being popular destinations. When it comes to worldwide truck component exports, however, India is up against established players such as Japan (882,369 shipments), China (484,840 shipments), and Belgium (328,238 shipments).

Despite this, India's export basket includes a varied range of vehicle parts classified under the top three HSN codes:

  • HSN Code 87089900: This code covers a wide range of automotive parts and accessories, from windscreens and wipers to tires and shock absorbers.

  • HSN Code 84314990: This code emphasizes India's expertise in engine components by focusing primarily on internal combustion piston engines, parts thereof, and accessories.

  • HSN Code 87082900: This code includes parts and accessories for motor vehicle bodywork and cabs, demonstrating India's expertise in manufacturing truck body components.

By understanding heavy auto parts export data, we gain a deeper appreciation for the dynamism and potential of India's truck parts export sector. However, if you need updated HS codes for heavy auto parts or commercial vehicle spare parts, connect with

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Top Export Destinations for Commercial Vehicle Spare Parts:

Exports of Automotive Parts by Country

Based on Heavy Vehicle Spare Parts Export Data, these 10 exporters with the highest dollar value of automobile parts exported in 2022 are shown below.

  • Germany: $60.7 billion (14.5% of car parts shipped)

  • China: $49.7 billion (11.9 percent).

  • The United States contributed $40.7 billion (9.7%).

  • Mexico received $37.9 billion (9.1%).

  • Japan received $29.1 billion (6.9%).

  • South Korea: $19.9 billion (4.8 percent).

  • Poland: $15.1 billion (3.6 percent).

  • Italy: $15 billion (3.6 percent).

  • Czech Republic: $14.4 billion (3.4 percent).

  • France: $13.1 billion (3.1 percent).

India supplies heavy commercial vehicle spare parts to countries all over the world. The United States, European Union countries, the Middle East, and Southeast Asian countries are all popular destinations. The popularity of Indian replacement parts is sometimes attributed to their low prices and adherence to quality requirements.

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Automotive Parts Exporting Companies

According to Crain Communications Inc.'s Automotive News supplement, the following companies are among the world's leading automotive component makers. These businesses are known as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and they work as subcontractors for the actual vehicle designers. These are some of the top companies:

  • Aisin Seiki Co (Japan)

  • Johnson Controls Inc (United States)

  • Lear Corp (United States)

  • Magna International Inc (Canada)

  • Robert Bosch GmbH (Germany)

  • ZF Friedrichshafen AG (Germany)

  • Continental AG (Germany)

  • Denso Corp (Japan)

  • Faurecia (France)

  • Hyundai Mobis (South Korea)

The commercial vehicle spare parts transported include but are not limited to, engine components, gearbox components, braking systems, suspension components, and electrical systems. Indian manufacturers have demonstrated their ability to manufacture a wide range of high-quality replacement parts.

When patterns over the last few years are examined, there is a clear increase in the export volumes of heavy commercial vehicle spare parts. This expansion can be attributed to causes such as rising global demand for transport services, the growth of e-commerce, and the necessity for dependable and cost-effective spare parts.

Factors Driving India's Success in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Spare Parts Exports

  1. Competitive Pricing:

Indian manufacturers are well-known for providing cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality. It has made India an appealing alternative for global purchasers trying to reduce supply chain costs.

  1. Quality Control:

Indian manufacturers use stringent quality control techniques to ensure that the exported spare parts meet international requirements. Buyers' confidence has been reinforced further by certifications and conformity with worldwide quality standards.

  1. Relevant commercial vehicle spare parts market data:

Commercial vehicle spare parts export data is mandatory for exporters to gain market insights into spare parts, heavy truck parts, and auto parts. One of the best market research websites is, where you can easily acquire multiple commercial vehicle market data sets.   

  1. Technological Advancement and Innovation:

The Indian automotive sector has seen major technological and innovative advances. Manufacturers are investing in R&D to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that exported replacement parts feature cutting-edge technology.


India's heavy commercial vehicle spare parts export data indicate a positive trend of growth and global acceptability. As the globe increasingly relies on efficient transportation networks, India's role in producing high-quality and cost-effective replacement parts remains critical. Continuous efforts toward innovation, sustainability, and adaptation to global market dynamics will be required for this growing industry's long-term success. However, if you need any kind of assistance regarding the Heavy Vehicle Spare Parts Export Data or Heavy Trucks Parts Export data, you can connect with experts anytime. To book a free live demo, click here. 

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