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India has a robust industrial sector capable of manufacturing heavy electric machinery, machine tools, construction machinery, material handling equipment, etc. Electric machinery and equipment in India can be divided into generation equipment such as boilers, generators, and turbines, and Transition & Distribution (T&D) such as transformation, cables, transmission lines, etc. According to projections the electrical machinery and equipment in India are expected to reach 100 billion USD. Presently the sector is 1.5% of India's GDP.

Electric machinery and equipment export data is made from the documents such as the bill of lading and shipping manifest submitted to customs officials at various ports across the country. The data is invaluable to traders to allow

According to electric machinery and equipment export data, China is the largest exporter in the world. This was followed by Hong Kong, the USA, Germany, and Korea. In 2018 electric machinery and equipment was the 64th most traded product in the world. The electric machinery and equipment data showed India operated on the trade deficit with imports of electric machinery being valued at 50.4 billion USD vs exports that were valued at 14.7 billion USD.

The Electric Machinery and Equipment Export Data in India show that exports increased to 14.7 million USD in 2019 from 5.828 billion USD in 2018. It is India's 7th top export and contributes 4.5% of India's total exports. In 2017-18 electric machinery and equipment was 3% of the country's total imports.

Analysis of the data revealed the top countries India exports electrical machinery and equipment are:-

  • United States
  • China
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Germany
  • UK

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