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Exploring the Rise of Tea Export from India: A Statistical Analysis


Tea Export from India

India, the country of spices and lively culture, is also a world leader in tea production. Also recognised for its rich tea tradition, is not only a significant tea consumer but also one of the world's leading exporters. For years, the country's verdant plantations have produced some of the most sought-after tea varieties. But how did India's tea export tale evolve over time? 

Today in this blog, we will discuss the rise of Tea exports from India, including market insights such as Tea export data, Top Indian tea exporters and much more. So, let us go into the world of statistics to better comprehend this aromatic export.

Tea Industry and Exports from India

Tea exports from India have an excellent history. According to studies, in the mid-twentieth century, 81% of tea produced in India made its way to the international market. However, tea cultivation is strongly embedded in the Indian economy, contributing significantly to both GDP and jobs. 

Also, India's key tea-producing regions include Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. These regions are renowned for their distinct flavours and varieties, which range from the powerful Assam tea to the aromatic Darjeeling and soft Nilgiri teas.

In terms of production

India's aggregate tea production for the calendar year 2020 was 1,257.52 million kg, while for the fiscal year 2020-21, it was 1,283 million kg. Tea production in India reached 127.11 million kg in May 2022, up from 91.77 million kg in April 2022. From January to September 2022, India's tea production was 984.67 million kg.

The northern region of India is the primary producer, accounting for approximately 83 percent of the country's yearly tea production in 2021-22, with almost all of the production coming from Assam, followed by West Bengal. 
Which tea exports from India?

Indian Assam, Darjeeling, and Nilgiri teas are regarded as some of the finest in the world. According to tea export data from India, the majority of tea exported from India is black tea, which accounts for around 96% of total exports.

Here's an overview of the various types of tea exported from India:

  1. Black Tea: Black tea is the most common variety of Indian tea, with prominent variations such as Assam, Darjeeling, and Nilgiri. These teas are recognised for their bold flavor and robust nature.
  2. Green Tea: While green tea from India accounts for a smaller proportion of exports than black tea, it is gaining popularity. It is popular for its health advantages and exquisite flavor.
  3. Oolong Tea: This semi-oxidized tea has a flavor profile that combines black and green tea. It is less frequent than black tea exports, although it is gaining popularity in some overseas markets.

To summarize, tea exports from India are a complex and fascinating affair. Despite a drop in domestic exports, India remains a tea manufacturing powerhouse. If you are looking for updated Top Indian Tea Exporters or Tea Export Statistics, connect with today!

Tea exports from India dropped by 1.65% 

According to tea export data, tea exports from India declined by 1.65% to 182.69 million kilograms from January to October 2023, compared with 185.75 million kilograms in the same period the previous year. 

Exports from North India dropped to 110.33 million kilograms in the first ten months of the calendar year 2023, a 4.62 percent decrease from the previous corresponding period, according to Tea Board data.

Similarly, exports from South India climbed 3.25 percent from January to October 2023, reaching 72.36 million kilograms, up from 70.08 million kilograms in the previous period.

Based on India Tea Export Statistics, tea exports from India totaled 231.08 million kilograms in 2022, up 17.57 percent from 196.54 million kilograms in 2021.

Future Trends of Tea Market

The Indian tea sector is primed for further expansion. In 2024, the market is estimated to earn $14.4 billion in revenue.  This upward trend is expected to continue, with the tea industry expanding at a robust Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.99% between 2024 and 2028.  Individual consumption is predicted to remain stable at 0.83kg per person in 2024. These data illustrate tea's continued appeal in India.

According to Tea Board data, the expected crop production for October 2023 across the country was 182.84 million kilograms, up from 163.15 million kilograms in the same month in 2022.

Top export destination for Indian Tea

Do you know? India exports tea to over 25 nations around the world. Here is the list of top export destinations for Indian Tea.


Tea Importing Countries from India
















So, Russia, Iran, the UAE, the USA, the UK, Germany, and China are some of the top Tea importing countries from India. In 2021–22, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan purchased 32.5 million kg, 1.68 million kg, and 6.48 million kg of tea from India. 

During that period, tea exports from India to the CIS nations accounted for 21% (42.5 million kg) of total exports. Iran, the UAE, and the United States are among India's leading tea export destinations. In 2021–22, the three countries purchased 29.3 million kg, 23.3 million kg, and 13.5 million kg of tea from India. During the same period, total exports to these nations were $277.3 million.

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Wind Up!

A boom in tea exports from India reflects the country's rich tea culture and responsiveness to global market demands. As India expands its horizons in the tea export industry, the combination of tradition, modern marketing, and ecological methods will be critical to its future success. This statistical analysis indicates not only the current situation but also a hopeful future trend for Indian tea on a global scale.

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