Export Import Data – Importance of Country Codes and World Port Codes


Export Import Data

Export import is a primarily concern of different business not just in India but across the world. Without export and import products and services, no economy can develop. For understanding the target audience in a better way, it is important to collect specific data related to your business. For developing nations such as India, Import export business is one of the prime resources for bringing in utmost of foreign currency.

If you are looking out for data, after HS Code, what are important are country codes and World Port Codes. Both are necessary from right information point of view.   

Country Codes

One can easily search for the shipment data of a special country with the help of country codes choice. Take an example, if you wish to know the best imports of India during 2013-15, it is essential to have information about the country code of India, which is IN or IND almost having 3 characters. Have a look on example -

  • Country Code: HK
  • Country Code (3 characters): HKG
  • Country Name: Hong Kong

World Port Codes or Lists

After HS Code and even Country Codes, you can recognize about the total delivery of a picky port through world port codes sensible. Take an example – if you wish to check the total shipment of Car-Nicobar, it is compulsory to write down INCNB1 in the space offered by the web portal of import export data provider.

Have a look on example

  • Port Code: INTMX6
  • Country Name: India
  • Country State: Andhra Pradesh

Online export import database is considered as one of the best place to find the Indian export import data. As Indian exporters have to give impartially wide range of goods for global business, database appears of immense significance. In specific time period, one can have a report of the shoppers who deal in the wide range of products that a single company sells.


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