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The export of goods and services are goods produced in one country sold in another country. Export is an important part of any country’s economy. It offers businesses more places to market their products. Exports allow companies to create new markets and expand existing markets. Exporting reduces the cost per unit to meet with the increased production. Exports can help companies discover new technology, experiences, and innovations. Exports are a huge revenue earner for a country. 

Export Shipment Data allows companies to track the trends of their products. Export shipment data invaluable tool for exporters to make comprehensive business plans and view information about fellow competitors. The data will let them discover new trends and emerging new markets. 

Examining the export shipment data will reveal important details regarding a country such as the top exported commodities and the top export destinations. Governments can use the data to formulate industry, foreign, and economic policy. 

Import is the purchase of goods in one country that was manufactured or procured from another nation. Imports and exports are the main components of international trade. If imports are more than exports the country has a trade deficit (a negative trade balance). Countries import goods when they cannot be produced efficiently or cost-effectively. Countries import raw material for manufacturing that is locally unavailable. Imports give consumers a more varied choice of products at the best price. It helps raise the standard of living in poorer countries by giving access to technology that would otherwise be unavailable. It encourages local businesses to produce superior quality of goods to compete effectively with imported products.

The data is Import shipment data is a vital database to allow importers to make business decisions. This consolidated data lets them find the best way to source their product. Importers can find alternate sources to procure their products in case of changing geopolitical situation. They can study changes in consumer preferences and predict emerging trends and practices. The data allows an international business to look for importers to sell or market their products. Importers can get information about their customers. Manufacturers can look for raw materials for their products. 

Import shipment data is used by governments to identify the top commodities imported into their country and countries importing them. The data is used to predict revenue that can be earned from imports. 

Export Import Shipment Data is collected from shipping manifest, bill of lading submitted at various custom points (seaports, ICD, and airports) around the world. The data contains the following information:- 

  • Exporters name and address
  • Shipment date
  • Product description with HS Code
  • Unit price and total price
  • Unit quantity and total quantity
  • Port of dispatch
  • Importers name and address
  • Destination Port
  • Shipment Mode

Export importers shipment data is analyzed by other businesses such as bankers and logistic providers to identify new customers. The data is the basis for trade negotiations between countries. Research firms study the shipment data to analyze different parameters about a country. 

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