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How can I Get Import Export Data in India?


As we know, India is known as the top trading country. For the Export-Import business, finding the ideal provider of import-export data for you truly depends on your particular use case, data needs, financial situation, and geographic coverage. You might choose to purchase import and export data from a well-known company, for this ExportImportData is the perfect website to analyse market insights. In this blog, we will discuss how to get Import and Export Data in India.

About India Imports and Exports Data

According to the India Export Import Data, with $292 billion in exports and $421 billion in imports, India, the 18th-largest exporter, had a $129 billion negative trade deficit in 2014. India, the second-most populated nation on earth, has a sizable labour force, and its effective government reforms have been transforming the global economy. India's economy has grown steadily at an average annual growth rate of 7% for many years. Petroleum, agricultural products, precious stones and jewellery, and machinery are among India's biggest exports.

What is the Percentage of Import and Export in India?

The predicted percentage of India's total goods exports and imports to its GDP in fiscal year 2022 was 33%. The ratio of India's total goods exports and imports to the GDP increased from the previous fiscal year's level of 26% to this one. India's economy ranked sixth in the world in terms of GDP (current US dollars), 18th in total exports, 12th in total imports, 158th in terms of GDP per capita (current US dollars), and 40th in terms of economic complexity in 2020, according to the Economic Complexity Index (ECI).

According to Customs Data India, India had a negative trade balance of $26.7 billion in August 2022 due to $63.6 billion in imports and $36.9 billion in exports. India's exports climbed by $3.2 billion (9.51%) from $33.7 billion to $36.9 billion between August 2021 and August 2022, while its imports rose by $17.9 billion (39.2%) from $45.7 billion to $63.6 billion.

What are India's main imports and exports?

According to the India Export Import Data, top India’s main imports and exports are- 
For Exports - 

  1. Refined Petroleum - $53.9B
  2. Packaged Medicaments -  $12.1B
  3. Jewellery - $11.8B
  4. Rice- $7.75B

For Imports- 

  1. Crude Petroleum- $122B
  2. Gold- $31.1B
  3. Petroleum Gas- $17.7B
  4. Diamonds- $17.5B

What is India's most exported item?

These are the top exported items from India according to the India Export Import Data - 

  • Leather And Its Products
  • Petroleum Products
  • Gems And Jewellery
  • Automobiles And Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Electronic Goods
  • Dairy Products
  • Handloom And Cotton Yarns
  • Textiles And Apparel
  • Cereal

So, these are the major exported items from India to global countries. If you need India Export Import Data, you can analyse the trade market insights.

Top Export Destinations of India

As we know, Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East are India's top export markets. India's main export destination is the US, where it exports items worth $35.9 billion. The main exports to the US include oil, rice, other agricultural products, medicines, and diamonds. The top exports to the UAE, worth $29.6 billion, are rice, refined petroleum products, jewels, and coal-based items. Through a bilateral trade agreement, China purchases goods from its Asian counterpart worth $13.9 billion.
Iron ore, cotton yarn, organic compounds, plastics, and refined copper are among the exported products. Saudi Arabia imports goods valued at $13 billion, covering rice, other fruits and vegetables, oil, textiles, machinery and automobiles, iron, and steel. The principal things that the UK imports from India are apparel, machinery, and agricultural products, with a total value of $10.6 billion.

Top Import Destinations of India

According to Customs Data India, With $52.5 billion in exports to India, China is the biggest supplier of electrical and mechanical equipment, nuclear reactors, organic chemicals and oils, and mineral fuels. Crude petroleum is the main export from Saudi Arabia ($30 billion) and the UAE ($24.4 billion). Also Gold and precious stones, nuclear reactors, pharmaceutical products, machinery, optical photography equipment, and electrical machinery are among the $21.3 billion worth of exports from Switzerland. India imports goods from the US valued at $18.2 billion, covering precious stones, machinery, electrical equipment, and aircraft.
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