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Imports are goods and services bought by businesses, traders, or the government from another country. India imported 480 billion USD in 2019. Importing of products helps to bridge the supply gap for any shortfall in natural resources or any other product. Importing allows companies to get the latest technology and raw materials at the most competitive price. It gives consumers a larger selection of products. Consumers can have access to the latest and best technology. 

These goods are transported either by air, road, or sea. Maritime transport is a vital part of international trade. 90% of the global trade of goods is carried out by the sea. It is an extremely cost-effective method of transporting goods. India has a 7516.6 km coastline with 13 main seaport and 200 minor and intermediate ports. 

The major import ports in India are:-

Kandla Port, Gujarat 

Kandla Port or Maharao Khengargi Port Trust in Gujarat is the busiest port in India. Located in the Kandla creek, Kandla port is 90 km from Kutch. Kandla Port is the largest container port in the country. The main imports from Kandla are petroleum, chemicals, and iron and steel machinery. 

Nhava Sheva, Maharashtra

Nhava Sheva is also called Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) is located in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. Nhava Sheva has the largest container port in the country and is extremely busy. JNPT handles 56% of the container traffic in the country and is the largest importing port in the country. The main product imported from Nhava Sheva are chemicals, machinery, plastics, electrical equipment, and vegetable oils.

Mumbai Port, Maharashtra

Mumbai Port Trust (Bombay Port Trust) is on the western coast of India. The natural deepwater port is the largest in size and traffic. The port is one of the oldest ports in the country. The main product imported from Mumbai port is petroleum oils, organic chemicals, and iron and steel.

Vishakapatnam Port, Andhra Pradesh

Vishakhapatnam Port is in Andhra Pradesh. It is located between Kolkata and Chennai port. The main products imported from Vishakapatnam are edible oil, crude oil, chemicals, and fertilizers. 

Chennai Port, Tamil Nadu

Chennai Port is the second largest port that handles over 100 million metrics of cargo every year. The Chennai Port was the third port to be established in the country. It located on the Coromandel Coast on the Bay of Bengal. The main products imported from the Chennai port are oil and motors. 

Cochin Port, Kerala

Cochin Port in Kerala is the fastest growing port in the country. It is on the Arabian Sea between Willingdon and Vallarpadam islands. 11 million metric tons of merchandise are imported from Cochin every year. The main products imported from Cochin Port are fertilizer and raw materials, iron and steel, machinery, newsprint, raw cashew nut, food grains, etc.

Kolkata Port, West Bengal

Kolkata Port is considered the “Gateway of Eastern India” and is a river port. It manages shipment that arrives from Australia and Southeast Asia. Kolkata port has two docks at Haldia and Kolkata. The main imports from Kolkata port are heavy machinery, paper, fertilizers, chemical products, and crude oil.

Tuticorin Port, Tamil Nadu

Tuticorin Port is now called V. O. Chidambaram Port Trust. It was declared a major port in 1974. The port is the 2nd largest port in Tamil Nadu and has the 4th largest container terminal. It is an artificial all-weather port. It services the USA, China, Europe, and Sri Lanka. The main imports from Tuticorin Port are thermal coal, timber, petroleum products, etc. 

Ennore Port, Tamil Nadu

The Ennore port (Kamarajar Port Limited) is located near the Chennai port. The port has a road and rail network to transport goods. The privately Ennore port mainly imports coal. Other products imported by Ennore are iron ore, chemicals, and petroleum products. 

Panambur Port, Karnataka

Panambur Port (New Mangalore Port) is located near Mangalore. The deep all-weather port operates throughout the year. The port is at the confluence of the Gurupura River and the Arabian Sea. The main imports from Panambur Port are fertilizer, timber, wood pulp, petroleum, etc. 

Mormugao Port, Goa

Mormugao Port, Goa is the main port in Goa. It is one of the oldest ports in the country. The main imports into Mormugao Port are heavy metal scraps, potassium carbide, and steel turnings. 

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