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Indonesia is formally called the Republic of Indonesia, is a transcontinental country located in South-East Asia. It is the largest island country flanked by the Indian and Pacific oceans. The country has 132 diplomatic missions that include 95 embassies. Indonesia is a signatory to the ASEAN free trade agreement and is a member of the WTO. Indonesia has the largest economy in South-East Asia and is a member of the G20 nations. Indonesia Import Export Data showed that Indonesia is the 25th largest exporter and the 29th largest importer in the world.

                 Indonesia Import Export Data

Indonesia's import-export data is collected from custom ports authorities. The data is collected from shipment entering and leaving the country from ship and air. The data is the information contained in the shipping bills submitted to the customs authorities as a part of the paperwork. The data contains details such as Data of dispatch, Product details including – Product description, HS Code, Unit quantity, and total quantity, price of the shipment, name and details of the importer with their country of origin, and name and details of the exporter with their country of origin. Exporters and Importers rely on the Indonesia export import data to formulate business strategy.

Indonesia's import data showed the total imports were 180.2 billion dollars in 2018. The country represents 1.1% of the total global imports. Over 74.9% of the imports were from Asia. Indonesia import data showed that imports accounted for 66.5% of the product purchased in the country.

The major imports of Indonesia are:-

  • Mineral fuel including oil (31.6 billion dollars)
  • Industrial Machinery (27.2 billion dollars)
  • Electrical Machinery (21.4 billion dollars)
  • Iron and Steel (10.2 billion dollars)
  • Plastic (9.2 billion dollars)

The top import partners of Indonesia are:-

  • China (45.53 billion dollars)
  • Singapore (21.43 billion dollars)
  • Japan (17.9 billion dollars)
  • Thailand (10.9 billion dollars)
  • United States (10.2 billion dollars)

Indonesia's export data shows the total exports were 188.7 billion dollars in 2018. The exports have been falling steadily due to commodity prices falling and declining demand. 72% of Indonesia commodities are exported to its Asian neighbors. Indonesia exports contributed to 5.2% of its GDP. 

The major exports of Indonesia are:-

  • Mineral fuels including oil (42 billion dollars)
  • Animal and vegetable oils (20.3 billion dollars)
  • Electrical machinery (8.9 billion dollars)
  • Vehicles (7.6 billion dollars)
  • Rubber and rubber products (6.4 billion dollars) 

The top export partners of Indonesia are:-

  • China (2.7 billion dollars)
  • Japan (1.9 billion dollars)
  • United States (1.8 billion dollars)
  • India (1.3 billion dollars)
  • Singapore (1.2 billion dollars) 

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