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How to Boost Leather Exports from India: Expert Tips


Leather Exports from India

Key Highlights: 

  • India's leather sector accounts for 13% of worldwide leather output, with an annual manufacturing capacity of 3 billion square feet.

  • The key leather exports from India are the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, China, Hong Kong, Belgium, and Poland.

  • India is the world's second-largest exporter of leather garments, third-largest exporter of saddlery and harnesses, and fourth-largest exporter of leather goods.

  • The biggest importers of Indian leather and leather products are the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France.

  • As per leather export data, India's leather exports were 11.7 million, with 31,379 Indian exporters shipping to 229,674 purchasers.

  • The top three leather exporters are India, Vietnam, and China.

  • Prominent leather exporters in India include Mayur Uniquoters Ltd., Metro Brands Ltd., Mirza International Ltd., and Relaxo Footwear Ltd.

  • Expert advice for increasing leather exports from India includes rigorous market research, effective shipping logistics and identifying trusted suppliers.

India has a long and rich heritage of leather craftsmanship, with experienced artisans and a reliable raw material foundation. Leather is a preferred material for manufacturing shoes, purses, and jackets because it is both durable and fashionable. The biggest leather-producing countries produce the most leather, demonstrating who leads the way in this vast business.

To fully realize its export potential, the industry must adapt and innovate. Here are some expert tips to boost Indian leather exports. In this blog post, we are going to learn about how to boost leather exports from India, including updated market insights such as leather export data, list of leather exports from India.

Leather Industry in India

Did you know? India's leather sector accounts for around 13% of global leather output of hides/skins, with an annual manufacturing capacity of approximately 3 billion square feet of leather.

Know some interesting facts:

  • The leather industry is well-known for its consistent high export revenues, being among the country's top 10 foreign exchange earners.

  • India boasts a plethora of raw materials, including 21% of the world's cattle and buffalo, as well as 11% of the world's goat and sheep populations.

  • The leather business is an employment-intensive industry, employing over 4 million people, the majority of whom are from the poorer sections of society. 

  • The primary markets for Indian leather and footwear products include the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, China, Hong Kong, Belgium, and Poland.

Is the leather exporting business profitable?

Leather exports from India have the potential to be very profitable, but it requires a smart strategy. High-quality leather, a thoroughly researched target market, and efficient manufacturing procedures are all essential. 

Balancing these elements with considerations like global economics and trade policies is critical for maximizing profit margins. Finding a market niche, whether through a specific product category or consumer emphasis, is also a viable technique. By adopting sustainability and constantly innovating with design and production techniques, leather exporters can set themselves up for long-term success in this dynamic industry. 

Leather exports from India: Key Insights

India is the world's second-biggest exporter of leather clothing, third-largest exporter of saddlery and harnesses, and fourth-largest exporter of leather products. As per leather export data, the garment sector accounted for 7.65% of total leather exports from India in 2023-24 (April-January).

However, the footwear industry accounts for the majority of total leather and leather products exported from India, with exports valued at US$ 3,941.04 million between April and January 2023-24. Footwear (Leather Footwear, Footwear Components, and Non-Leather Footwear) accounts for 42.6% of the overall leather and leather product exports, reaching $1,679.94 million.

Leather Exports

Also, the top importers of leather and leather products from India include the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, China, Belgium, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Poland, Hong Kong, Denmark, Canada, Vietnam, and Portugal.

Top Leather products exports from India 

India is a prominent player in the worldwide leather industry, exporting a diverse range of leather products. Also, India exports several leather products, including footwear, accessories, leather bags, wallets, garments, and home décor, which are in high demand on the global market.

However, India's leather industry is a major export powerhouse, best known for its footwear and leather products. With a strong presence in footwear and a developing reputation for textiles, India is a major player in the global leather business.

Leather Export Data: 2023:24

Let’s first analyze the table for leather export data or leather exports from India!

Leather Export Data Details
Total Shipments 11.7 Million
Rank (Global) 1st
Number of Indian Exporters 31,379
Number of International Buyers 229,674
HSN Code Categories 42023120, 42022190, 42023120


  • According to leather export data, leather exports from India totaled 11.7 million, shipped by 31,379 Indian exporters to 229,674 buyers.

  • India exports the majority of its leather to the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom, and is the world's largest leather exporter.

  • The top three leather exporters are India with 11,661,750 shipments, Vietnam with 4,149,390, and China in third place with 2,088,555 shipments.

  • India's top three product categories for leather exports are 42023120, 42022190, and 42023120.

Now, explore the top leather exporting countries!

Leading leather exporting countries in 2024

Based on leather export data, the biggest exporting countries for leather are:

S.No Leather Exporting Countries Leather Export Data
1 China $74 billion
2 Brazil $28.3 billion
3 Russia Over $21 billion
4 India $19 billion
5 Italy $16.3 billion
6 Argentina $13.4 billion
7 South Korea $12 billion
8 Turkey $10.4 billion
9 Vietnam $8.9 billion
10 Pakistan $7.5 billion

This table highlights the important role that these nations perform in the global leather industry, contributing to a wide range of leather products and exports worldwide. Let us study each of these countries in depth.

China exported $74 billion of leather in 2022–2023, followed by Brazil, Russia, India, and Italy, according to data on leather exports. Visit to access recent leather exporters in India, a list of leather exports from India, leather HS codes, and updated leather export data readily available to you on a single dashboard.

Top leather exporters in India

Here is the list of the top leather exporters in India: 

  • Mayur Uniquoters Ltd.

  • Metro Brands Ltd.

  • Mirza International Ltd.

  • Relaxo Footwear Ltd.

  • Bhartiya International Ltd.

  • Farida shoes Pvt Ltd.

  • Lakhani Industries Ltd.

  • Liberty Shoes Ltd.

So these are India's top leather export companies. Want access to all of India's leather exporters? Our platform provides a list of leather products exports from India as well as leather export data by nation.

Best tips to export leather products from India

India's tradition of leather craftsmanship uniquely positioned it to dominate the global export market. However, in order to fully realize this potential, innovation and adaptability are required. Here are some expert recommendations for Indian leather goods exporters, as well as essential research and data resources:

1. Do extensive market research

Before getting into the leather export business, do extensive research on your target markets. Identify potential clients, learn their preferences, and understand market trends. Analyze the competition and create efficient pricing plans to strategically position your products.

2. Efficient Shipping Logistics

Select dependable shipping solutions that are specific to your product type and target markets. Collaborate with skilled goods forwarders or shipping brokers who specialize in managing leather goods. To avoid delays or issues, ensure that shipping schedules, documentation, and customs clearance processes are all coordinated in an efficient manner.

3. Discover Reliable Suppliers

Establish relationships with reliable tanneries, leather manufacturers, and suppliers in India. Determine their credibility, quality standards, production capacity, and ability to meet your export requirements. Consider visiting data-driven platforms like

4. Reliable leather exporters data

Reliable leather exporters data can help traders analyze the global market. One of the best market research platforms is, where you can obtain updated leather buyer details, supplier details, leather HS codes, product descriptions, and much more.  

5. Being Informed and Innovative

Stay current on industry developments, developing technology, and altering client preferences. Continuously improve your leather product offerings to meet changing worldwide market demands. Adopt sustainable processes and ethical sourcing to align with rising customer awareness in these areas.

Wind Up!

The Indian leather sector offers compelling potential for entrepreneurs wishing to start a leather goods export business in 2024. India is the world's fourth-largest exporter of leather goods, and the industry makes a substantial contribution to the country's economy, indicating the potential for expansion and success. 

Remember that careful research, maintaining quality, and collecting up-to-date market knowledge, such as leather exports from India or leather exporters in India, are the basis of a successful export company. So, if you require any assistance with leather export data, you may contact our experts and expand your firm in the global trade industry.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Who is the largest exporter of leather in India?

As per leather export data, Mayur Uniquoters Ltd. is the largest exporter of leather in India. 

2) Which countries import leather from India?

Based on leather exports from India statistics, USA, Germany, the UK, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands are the major export destinations. 

3) How much are leather exports from India?

Based on leather export data, leather exports from India totaled 11.7 million, shipped by 31,379 Indian exporters to 229,674 buyers.

4) What is the most expensive leather in India?

Since ostrich leather is so rare, it is among the priciest types of leather available in India. Also, if you need the updated India largest leather exporter list, or most accurate leather exports from India, you can connect with Eximpedia’s data-driven platform. 

5) How to find buyers for export?

To find out the buyers for export, you need to connect with ExportImportdata online platform and analyze the leather exporters, leather buyers, leather hs codes and much more.

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