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Mushroom is a nutritious vegetarian fungus. There are three types of mushrooms cultivated white mushroom, paddy straw mushrooms, and oyster mushroom. White mushroom is the most popular and accounts for 35-40% of the total mushroom cultivated around the world. Mushroom has an impressive nutrient profile besides being packed with vitamins and minerals, the fungus is fat-free and is rich in anti-oxidants. The total global production of mushrooms was 34 million tons. India produced 0.13 million tons of mushrooms. Uttar Pradesh, Tripura, and Kerala are major mushroom producing states in India. The mushroom export data India shows that India exported 70% of the total mushroom produced.

According to mushroom export data, India 18.82 million USD was exported in 2019. Analysis of ten-year data shows the highest export was in 2011 when 49.52 million USD. The data revealed the top mushroom exporting partners of India are:-

  • Germany
  • USA
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Thailand

The top 5 mushroom partners accounted for 81.03% of total exports. The mushroom export data India can reveal interesting data such as the top major ports used in the export of mushroom in 2019.

The top ports are:-

  • Delhi Air Cargo
  • Mundra Nhava Sheva Sea
  • Dadri- CGML Arakkonam
  • Melpakkam-Chennai

Delhi Air Cargo accounted for 41.9% of exports. The total mushroom exported around the world was 0.69 million tons. Globally India's share in total exports is insignificant. India exported 6167 tons of mushrooms in 2019. Mushroom is either processed or sold fresh. India is one of the top exporters of mushrooms in Asia.

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The mushroom export data India is invaluable to any exporter planning to export the data. The database gives access to global importers, duties and taxes, ports, etc. The database helps exporters make a comprehensive business strategy. It helps them notice trends and identify gaps where they can sell their merchandise. The major mushroom exporters in India are:-

  • Aries Overseas
  • Haul Enterprise LLP
  • Mangal Exporters
  • KNG Exports
  • Guru Kripa Udyog.

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