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Sugar Industry is a crucial industry for the development of India. It is the second-largest agro-industry after cotton. Sugar is produced either from sugar or beet. Sugarcane is one of the most important cash crops in India. It occupies 5.0 million hectors of agriculture. Sugarcane is a major employment generator it is 0.5 million people in sugar factories and 50 million sugarcane farmers. Besides making sugar, sugar factories also make surplus electricity. Sugarcane is also used for producing ethanol and paper. India is the second-largest producer of sugar after Cuba. Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Uttar Pradesh are the top producers of sugarcane in India.

Raw sugar export data is collected from various custom ports across the country. The data is collected from shipping manifest, bill of lading, and other documents submitted to customs officials. The raw sugar data contains a lot of information such as:-

  • Date of the shipment
  • Product description with the corresponding HS Codes
  • Unit price and total price of the shipment
  • Unit quantity and total quantity
  • Name and contact details of exporters
  • Name and contact details of importers
  • Port of destination and dispatch port 

The raw sugar data shows that India exported 1159.19 million USD in 2019. 14.5 million tons of sugar was exported in 2019-20. The 2018 data showed raw sugar exported from India was 610.82 million USD. In 2020 India recorded a record high exports in the last 10 years. The raw sugar data showed 49 lakh tons (lt) of sugar. Experts believe that another 4-5 lt sugar will be exported till the end of the year.

Raw sugar export data showed that India is the third-largest exporter of sugar in the world. 

India raw sugar export data collected in 2019 shows India biggest trading partner of sugar:-

  • China
  • United States
  • Japan
  • Indonesia
  • Hong Kong

The data for 2020 showed that Iran, Indonesia, and Malaysia have emerged as favored destinations for Indian sugar. 

According to the India raw sugar export data the top Indian raw sugar exporters are:-

  • Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd.
  • Bajaj Hindustan Ltd.
  • Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd.
  • Dhampur Sugar Ltd
  • Triveni Engineering & Industries. 

Sugar exports in India are challenging because of the global subsidies on sugar prices. Experts believe the quantities of sugar exported by Indian sugar factories will help them reduce domestic stock, support the local prices, and help pay the farmers dues. The government of India has announced massive subsidies to enable exports. 

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