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Resins are natural or synthetic compounds consisting of non-crystalline or viscous liquid. Natural resins are formed by plant secretion. Synthetic resins are industrially produced resins these are usually viscous substances it mimics the properties of naturally occurring resins. Synthetic resins are used as adhesives, coating, synthetic textile fibers, etc. India imports natural and synthetic resins. Industries require resins for industrial applications. Analysis of the resin import data showed PVC resin was the most widely imported resin. PVC resins or polyvinyl resins are used in the manufacture of plastic and rubbers. India is one of the biggest consumers of PVC end products and accounts for 6% of the total PVC resin consumed in the world. India imports epoxy resins in large quantities.

Resins import data has a treasure trove of information. Accurate and comprehensive statistics allows traders helps to formulate their business plans and grab the next opportunity. It helps traders understand the existing market scenario. The database lets businesses to study the latest trends and predict changes in consumption patterns. Traders can easily find markets to procure or sell their products. Importers and exporters to formulate their pricing strategy based on the information provided. Traders can monitor their competitor’s shipments. The database has the contact details of importers. The information can help traders to sell their product or help manufacturers find new suppliers. International trade is risky, resin import data helps to minimize risks and maximize profits.

Resins import data India is collected from customs port around the country. The data is compiled from shipping manifest and other documentation submitted to customs authorities.

The Resins import data India are:-

  • Indian importers contact details
  • Shipment date
  • HS Code of product
  • Product description
  • Import FOB value in INR and dollars
  • Port of origin
  • Unit price INR and dollars
  • Quantity and total quantity
  • Destination port
  • Export country (Country of origin)
  • Shipment Mode (Sea, Air, ICD)

According to Resins import data, India imported artificial Resins worth 1 trillion rupees in 2019. Analysis of Resins import data shows that artificial Resins imports have been rising steadily since 2011. In 2011 India imported 357.91 billion rupees. India imported natural Resins worth 83 billion dollars in 2019. Natural Resins registered an increase of 19.8% in 2019 when compared to imports in 2018. Presently the Indian government charges import duty on Resins to 29.8%.

The Resins import data India shows the PVC Resins importing partners of India are:-

  • Taiwan
  • South Korea
  • China.

While the importing partners of India for natural resins are:-

  • Afghanistan 
  • Indonesia
  • Sudan
  • Mali 
  • Thailand 

The top Resins importers in India are:-

  • Vishal Plastics
  • Premier Polyfilm Ltd.
  • Oriplast Limited
  • Prince Pipes Fittings Pvt. Ltd.
  • VK Exports

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