Samsung moves mainstream display manufacturing unit to Noida, India. Why


Samsung is the topmost largest electronics manufacturing company. Samsung transfer his display manufacturing unit from China to Noida. Samsung this decision to shift this manufacturing unit to Noida will prove a boon for the Indian economy. It will make it an initiative by boosting the Indian economy. The company through press release has confirmed this news. Hopefully this big decision of Samsung move will help to initiate’ Make in India program by manufacturing unit.

Samsung has completely completed its construction of a display unit in Noida. The press said that this decision of shifting manufacturing unit to Noida will create better friendly relation with our country. The work of constructing has been completed now. According to report it is said that Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath said that this decision of Samsung will boost our ‘Make in India Program’.

The decision will also give benefit to the youth in getting employment and directly it will help in increasing the growth of our economy. Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath has confirmed that the state will always continue to give help to the company in future. As we know that already in 35-acreland, Samsung biggestmobile manufacturing is located in Noida. The company has the benefit of enjoying 20% of country’s smartphone market share.

The decision of to move their unit is not only give benefit to the youth but also country’s economy. A legation led by the company’s Southwest Asia President and CEO Ken Kang called to visit Uttar Pradesh as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath said. According to the report it is said that the company owe that they will provide better industrial environment and also investor-friendly policies.

The unit of firm in Noida expected to produce direct employment for more than 510 people.

China become one of the topmost companies in the world in electronics sector and we can see a great impact on the industry due to display manufacturing unit but now it is shifted in Noida. According to daily reports Samsung mobile display is among top that imports from countries around the world. 

Now Indian is not depended on other countries for the imports of display from other countries because it has shifted their unit of manufacturing in Noida. This will lead Indian economy towards growth. Many countries have to suffer by this decision of Samsung we can take the example of China where we can see the impact by moving display unit from China to India. As we know that it is one of the largest brands of manufacturing display who shared 23% of market in 2021.The Company manufacture 70 percent of total display products used in television sets, mobile, watches and tablets.

It is not only unknown to Uttar Pradesh but also already a big unit of business is planted there before coming to the firm unit display from China to Uttar Pradesh. The profit given to firm comes under Centre Scheme for promotion of Manufacturing Electronics components and Semiconductors. The project provides Uttar Pradesh with the motive to uplift the profile of the state in receiving more foreign direct investment. Step taken by firm to move their operation to India is a statement to raise the growth potential that exists in India which is world second topmost smartphone market.

The incentive is provided to encourage the manufacturing company of smartphones. Indian global business had focused on a plan to establish a presence in India in September.

over the next five years. In 2018 firm had opened their biggest mobile store to give tough competition to Chinese brands. The decision taken by global smartphone manufacturer to invest in India that will ensure that the domestic value in mobile phones. The make in India project started by Modiji is gaining clarity among international companies. The project has shown its best efforts as a global manufacturing hub to thrown down its competitor through the policy procedure, cutting down red tape, and positive interaction with business partners.

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