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Shipment data is an import and export database that has information regarding the international trade of commodities. The import and export data is an important component of any countries economy. International trade earns revenue for the country and companies; it facilitates the transfer of surplus products to countries where they are unavailable or in shortage. Import and export provides employment directly and indirectly, and helps to provide greater choice to consumers.

Shipment data India is created from data collected from documents submitted to custom official at the time of clearing shipment for import or export. The applicable duties are calculated based on the documents. The shipment data contains the following information such as:-

  • Product description
  • HS code of the product
  • Name and contact details of exporters and importers
  • Unit quantity and total quantity of the shipment
  • Unit price and total price of the shipment
  • Port for dispatch with country
  • Port of departure with country

Shipment data India for 2019 showed India exported 322.8 billion dollars worth of goods and imported 480 billion dollars of commodities globally. The data revealed India’s top trade partners in 2019 were:-

  • United States of America (The total bilateral trade was 87.95 billion).
  • China (The bilateral trade was 87.07 billion USD).
  • United Arab Emirates (The bilateral trade was 75 billion USD).
  • Hong Kong (The bilateral trade was 47.88 billion USD).
  • Singapore (The bilateral trade was 25 billion USD)

Indian Shipment Data is an invaluable and has several advantages. Some of the advantages are:-

  • The data helps importers and exporters to find the right buyers and sellers.
  • The data provides price of different commodities being traded internationally.
  • It allows traders to examine customer preferences and predict emerging trends.
  • Companies can monitor the database to see the pricing strategy of their competitors.
  • The database can provide service providers such as bankers and logistical providers the names of possible clients.
  • International markets can be volatile. The database can help traders find alternative marketplace in the event of wars, sanctions, or calamity.
  • Get information about custom duties applicable.
  • Allow manufacturers or suppliers to look for alternatives to procure raw materials.

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