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India’s automobile sector has had an interesting evolution. After India’s independence, India tried to encourage the manufacturing of cars in India. Cars were imported to India before independence. In 1952 the automobile sector started after the first tariff commission was set up. India has come a long way since then has become the 4th largest auto market in 2018. It is also the 7th largest commercial manufacturer. Indian market is dominated by the two-wheeler segment owing to the growing middle class and its young population.

Vehicles export data India is collected at custom ports across the country. The data is compiled from the bill of lading and shipping submitted to the customs official at various exit ports. The bill of lading contains information such as- Product description and HS codes, the number of vehicles being exported, the value of the consignment, name and contact details of the exporter and importer, the port of dispatch and destination port, and the date of dispatch.

Vehicles exporter data India showed a strong double-digit growth primarily driven by three-wheelers and commercial vehicles. The automobile sector exported 45,95,000 units. Two-wheeler was the largest contributor exporting 32,58,883 units showing a growth of 22.87%. The three-wheeler segment grew at 55%.

The main vehicles exporters in India (Two-wheelers) are:-

  • Bajaj Auto -16,62,466 units exported.
  • TVS Motor – 6,01,367 units exported.
  • HMSE -386453 units exported.
  • India Yamaha Motor -261446 units exported.
  • Hero MotoCop 222743 units exported.

The main vehicles exported in India (Three-Wheelers) are:-

  • Bajaj Auto – 356539 units exported.
  • TVS Motor 125740 units exported.
  • Piaggio Vehicles- 35407 units exported.

Passenger vehicles fell by 9.9% in the financial year 2019. 6,73,630 passenger vehicles were exported from India in the financial year 2019 compared to 7,47,826 passenger vehicles in the financial year 2019. Vehicle export data India showed that the top five passenger vehicles exported in India contributed nearly 85% of vehicles exported by the country. Further break-up of the data showed that the top three passenger vehicles accounted for 64% of the exports. 

The main vehicles exporters in India (Passenger Vehicles) are:-

  • Ford - 1,62,801 units exported
  • Hyundai -1,62,105 units exported
  • Maruti Suzuki – 106487 units exported
  • GM -77,370 units exported
  • VW -61,800 units exported.

The main vehicles exporters in India (Commercial vehicles) are:-

  • Tata Motors- 54,485 units exported 
  • Mahindra & Mahindra 22,307 units exported
  • Ashok Leyland 12,690 units exported
  • Eicher Trucks and Buses 10,212 units exported
  • Maruti Suzuki India 2,377 units exported.

Vehicles exporting partners of India are:-

  • Mexico 
  • UK
  • US 
  • South Africa 
  • Spain 

There are four designated ports used to export vehicles. These are:-

  • Mumbai port in Maharashtra
  • Mundra port in Gujarat -
  • Chennai port in Tamil Nadu
  • Ennore port in Tamil Nadu

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