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When you commence a business, your objective is to sell something to someone. This procedure is no different when it comes to selling your products overseas or doing import or export business. You require to determine prospective buyers for your export agency and relevant export import data link with them to enhance the export and revenue. As an exporter, discovering buyers for your product can be the most complex challenge in your business, especially when you're just getting started or are selling in a fresh market. In this article, we will discuss the ways to find buyers in the export and import business.

Overview of Import and Export Business

An import is a process of accepting or obtaining goods from abroad for trade. These goods can be received by individuals, companies, or the government, and are utilised for the processing of other products or to be resold to absolute customers. Exports are services and commodities that are produced in one country and sold to purchasers in another. When the significance of a country’s imports surpasses the value of its exports, the result is an effect on the trade balance, often known as a trade deficit.

Imports are any goods or services obtained from one country to another, while exports are goods and services produced in the home country for sale to other markets. Thus, whether you’re importing or exporting a product (or both) relies on your orientation to the transaction.

 The modern system of international trade is a complicated web of import/export businesses that handle the sale, distribution, and delivery of goods from one nation to another. If you're inquisitive about starting a business in this industry, know that there is more than one kind of import/export business. You could concentrate just on importing or just on exporting. You could be a manufacturer’s representative, specialising in a certain industry, or you could be an import export data provider.

How to Find Buyers in Export and Import Business?

This is one of the primary questions that strikes the mind of every foreign importer or exporter strikes, particularly for those who are joining the Indian market for the first time. There are both paid and unpaid services unrestricted for obtaining information about Indian companies that can buy or sell products of your interest.

Market research services contain purchasing import export data of a specific country & products from a reliable source like Importexportdata. This provides you with export import data as well as import data and a complete outlook of the international market with customs-based details. While, unpaid resources to obtain suppliers and buyers with limited information include Indian embassies, trade events, government agencies, the export promotion council of India, and market research companies. 

List of Products Imported in India 

Here's a checklist of the top eight imported products in India:

  • Oil.
  • Precious stones.
  • Electronics.
  • Heavy machinery.
  • Organic chemicals.
  • Plastics.
  • Animal and vegetable oil.
  • Iron and Steel

List of Products Exported in India 

Here are the 8 entities most exported from India and their dollar value:

  • Petroleum products
  • Jewellery 
  • Automobile 
  • Machinery 
  • Bio-chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Cereals
  • Iron and steel

Best Ways to Find Indian Importers and Exporters

Once you’ve determined a market for your export product, the following step is to locate buyers within this market. There are both online and offline ways to find foreign buyers. Being members of the internet generation.

Government embassies 

This is more of an old-school method but still relevant. The National Embassy wants to expand trade between their country and the world. They are there to assist create these links. Reach the commercial division of a country's embassy and ask if they can present you with a list of distributors for your export product. Data related to foreign agencies and buying agents can also be discovered at the importing country’s embassy in your country.

Trade Fairs and Expos:

All expos and trade fairs are very active marketplaces where interested companies and people are attending. You can make lots of contacts there. At the expos, you can introduce your product to global buyers. You can promote your product to the world by entering trade fares in your country. For example, if you are a garment manufacturer you show your product at an expo or trade fair where many local or foreign companies encounter you can obtain the export order for your garment.

Government Sources

Indian government sources like the ministry of commerce & industry are also the soundest and most reliable options to obtain Indian importers directly and the Indian exporter’s directory with limited information. The government outsources only limited information about India's export products, the demand for Indian products in the global market, main import commodities of India, buyers & suppliers in India, etc. To have export import data in India, you can check the websites of different Indian government ministries.

Social media groups

Online trade marketplaces and trade-related social media groups have grown in recent years as places to look for buyers for exports. While Facebook has an astounding 2.8 billion monthly active users across the world, LinkedIn also boasts 64.7 million engaged users. To market your export business and discover your consumers of tomorrow, you can promote your business on these social networks.

Export Promotion Councils of India

The other best and most suitable way of getting Indian exporters or importers for your product is export promotion councils. They are specified for a distinct product or industry to explore the market of that particular product or industry. They can assist you in providing information about traders in India with whom you can do import and export business. 

Market Research Agencies

When penetrating a new market, data is key. Market research companies, as their name suggests, specialise in market research and studies. You can expend them for information specific to your product or industry or for the directories of importers in a particular country. Reliable market research agencies like ExportImportData can deliver authentic import export trade data of India with the list of products exported from India and products imported into India. It covers importer & exporter names in India, foreign importers & exporters’ directories, and other shipment details.

You can always get support from consultants and export import data providers. ExportImportData is the most trustworthy place where buyers meet suppliers for their essentials and suppliers meet buyers. They furnish import and export consultation and services to their consumers. Get in touch with one of our export-import consultants today to get a one-stop solution to boost your import export business!

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