HS Code 32041937 Export Data India, Indian Custom Shipment Export Data of HS Code 32041937

Export Import Data Solutions provides the latest HS code 32041937 export data and export data of products under 32041937 HS code. 32041937 export Data report helps to find all products exported under the HS code 32041937, exporting price, exporters list, shipment details, etc. The traders can analyze market trends, product demands, products price, etc. and find new customers.

Total Records

Date Indian Port CTH Item Description Quantity UQC U.P.USD FOB USD Destination Port
14-Sep-2016 nhava sheva sea 32041937 fast red b h/c (sima red b h/c) 1500 KGS 4.91 7363.67 semarang
09-Sep-2016 nhava sheva sea 32041937 tulabase fast red r flakes 4500 KGS 4.18 18791.08 chittagong
10-Jun-2016 nhava sheva sea 32041937 synthetic organic dyestuffs:tulabase fast red r flakes 1000 KGS 4.76 4758.81 chittagong
29-Apr-2016 nhava sheva sea 32041937 kappafast red rc base min 96% 5000 KGS 4.29 21450.00 qingdao
08-Feb-2016 nhava sheva sea 32041937 dyes item:fast red rc salt (fast red r base)(colafast red rc salt) 200 KGS 3.79 758.91 shanghai
17-Dec-2015 nhava sheva sea 32041937 kappafast red rc base min 96% 5000 KGS 4.00 19975.08 qingdao

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