List of HS Codes of Heading 7202 : FERRO-ALLOYS

Hs Codes Section
Section Codes Section Description
Section-15 Chapter (72 to 83) – Section XV - Base Metals and Articles of Base Metal
Hs Codes Chapter
Chapter Codes Chapter Description
Chapter-72 Iron and Steel
Hs Codes Heading
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Hs Codes Products
Hs Codes Products Description Import Data Export Data
72021100 Hs Code For Containing by weight more than 2% of carbon
72021900 Hs Code For Other
72022100 Hs Code For Containing by weight more than 55% of silicon
72022900 Hs Code For Other
72023000 Hs Code For Ferro-silico-manganese
72024100 Hs Code For Containing by weight more than 4% of carbon
72024900 Hs Code For Other
72025000 Hs Code For Ferro-silico-chromium
72026000 Hs Code For Ferro-nickel [Exemption Duty Ref by SNo(367) in Ntfn 50-Customs/2017 dated 30.06.2017]
72027000 Hs Code For Ferro-molybdenum
72028000 Hs Code For Ferro tungsten and ferro-silico-tungsten
72029100 Hs Code For Ferro-titanium and Ferro-silico-titanium
72029200 Hs Code For Ferro-vanadium
72029300 Hs Code For Ferro-niobium
720299 Hs Code For Other:
72029911 Hs Code For Ferro-phosphorus
72029912 Hs Code For Ferro-selenium
72029913 Hs Code For Ferro-cobalt
72029914 Hs Code For Ferro-columbium
72029915 Hs Code For Ferro-zirconium
72029916 Hs Code For Ferro-tantalum
72029921 Hs Code For Ferro-silico-zirconium
72029922 Hs Code For Ferro-silico-magnesium
72029931 Hs Code For Ferro-boron
72029932 Hs Code For Charge-chrome
72029990 Hs Code For Other

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