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HS Code 08028020 : HS Classifications of Split

Hs Codes Section
Section Codes Section Description
Section-02 Chapter (06 to 14) – Section II - Vegetable Products
Hs Codes Chapter
Chapter Codes Chapter Description
Chapter-08 Edible Fruit and Nuts; Peel of Citrus Fruit or Melons
Hs Codes Heading
HS Code Heading Heading Description
0802 Other nuts, dried, whether or not shelled or peeled, such as Almonds, Hazelnuts or filberts (Coryius spp.), walnuts, Chestnuts (Castanea spp.), Pistachios, Macadamia nuts, Kola nuts (Cola spp.) [other than dried areca nuts][Rate Ref by SNo 15 in Sch II o
Hs Code Products
Hs Code Products Description
08028020 Split

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