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HS Code 24022060 : HS Classifications of Filter cigarettes length

Hs Codes Section
Section Codes Section Description
Section-04 Chapter (16 to 24) – Section IV - Prepared Foodstuffs; Beverages, Spirits and Vinegar; Tobacco and Manufactured Tabacco substitutes
Hs Codes Chapter
Chapter Codes Chapter Description
Chapter-24 Tobacco and Manufactures; Tobacco Substitutes
Hs Codes Heading
HS Code Heading Heading Description
2402 Cigars, cheroots, cigarillos and cigarettes, of tobacco or of tobacco substitutes[Rate Ref by SNo 14 in Sch IV of Ntfn 01/2017 IGST]
Hs Code Products
Hs Code Products Description
24022060 Filter cigarettes of length (including the length of the filter, the length of filter being 11 millimeters or its actual length, whichever is more) exceeding 75 millimeters but not exceeding 85 millimeters [Tariff Line 2402 2060 omitted by Finance (No.2)

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