HS Code 34039100 : HS Classifications of Treatment textile materials, leather, furskins

Hs Codes Section
Section Codes Section Description
Section-06 Chapter (28 to 38) – Section VI - Products of the Chemicals or Allied Industries
Hs Codes Chapter
Chapter Codes Chapter Description
Chapter-34 Soap, Organic Surface- Active Agents, Washing Preparations, Lubricating Preparations, Artificial Waxes, Prepared Waxes, Polishing or Scouring Preparations, Candles and Similar Articles, Modelling Pastes, “Dental Waxes” and Dental Preparatio
Hs Codes Heading
HS Code Heading Heading Description
3403 All goods [Exemption Duty Ref by SNo(240) in Ntfn 50-Customs/2017 dated 30.06.2017]
Hs Code Products
Hs Code Products Description
34039100 Preparations for the treatment of textile materials, leather, furskins or other materials

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