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HS Code 84531000 Import Data India, Indian Custom Shipment Import Data of HS Code 84531000

Export Import Data Solutions provides the latest HS code 84531000 import data and import data of products under 84531000 HS code. 84531000 Import Data report helps to find all products imported under the HS code 84531000, importing price, importers list, shipment details, etc. The traders can analyze market trends, product demands, products price, etc. and find new customers.

Total Records

Date Indian Port CTH Item Description Quantity UQC U.P.USD Assess USD C O O
22-Nov-2016 patparganj 84531000 band knife spliting machine camoga model c520rc complete with std.accss.viz upper roll and rubber roll/use for leather i 1 NOS 19493.00 19493.00 china
21-Nov-2016 chennai sea 84531000 drying toggling machine model tgm working size 2000 x 3500mm. 115 frames with standard accessories 1 SET 134055.86 134055.86 thailand
18-Nov-2016 chennai sea 84531000 through feed hydraulic ironing & embosssing m/c with 5 rollers model hi-super rotopia working width 2400mm with all std 1 SET 97253.60 97253.60 korea,republic of
17-Nov-2016 kolkata sea 84531000 t4 staking machine, mode no:had/t4/3200mm, a full set of t4head 3200mm working width staking contd. machine 1 SET 30763.90 30763.90 china
17-Nov-2016 klppl panki 84531000 machinery for leather industry (pal 3h 3200 cartigliano staking machine mod.3h 3200 with three heads and two beating 1 NOS 92547.86 92547.86 italy
16-Nov-2016 chennai air cargo 84531000 embossing plate in monoblock steel -spare parts for embossing press mostardini 1800 tons m/c used in leather industry 1 NOS 1308.52 1308.52 italy
10-Nov-2016 chennai sea 84531000 cartigliano staking machine with 3 heads and 2 beating jawswith all standard accessories model pal 3hl 3200 (leather 1 NOS 71066.05 71066.05 italy
07-Nov-2016 chennai sea 84531000 brand new hydraulic sammying and setting out machine (model:ug/16, size:1600 mm) make: vardar-with standard accessories. 1 NOS 40168.27 40168.27 turkey
04-Nov-2016 chennai sea 84531000 brand new automatical toggling m/c in skc make vardar modelnew super 2 model size 1600 mm sl no 0081 with std acc 1 NOS 34226.66 34226.66 turkey
04-Nov-2016 kolkata sea 84531000 leather stretching toggle & hot air dryer machine complete with standard accessories, (model no:hdahlst contd. 1 SET 123633.49 123633.49 china
03-Nov-2016 chennai sea 84531000 new vacuum pump without motor (bare:shaft)-spare parts for leather processing m/c e.gozzini duplomatic 7000#0137d/1994 1 NOS 3784.51 3784.51 italy
02-Nov-2016 kanpur - jry (icd ) 84531000 two cangilones drums/4.20x4.50 m for soaking/liming/tanningwith standard accessories 2 NOS 144185.24 288370.48 spain
02-Nov-2016 kanpur - jry (icd ) 84531000 eco-compac filter/screen mod.500-c,serving two(2)liming drums(hair saving) with standard accessories 1 NOS 29287.63 29287.63 spain
02-Nov-2016 kanpur - jry (icd ) 84531000 "system-mix 3"" dn-80,feeding 6 drums,(expandable up to 10) type:1-s-mix-dn-80/6b with standard accessories" 1 NOS 25908.28 25908.28 spain
01-Nov-2016 nhava sheva sea 84531000 "retanning-dyeing drum dimensions 3.00m x 2.00m pph-tt""new jumbo"" type with automatic door,automatic valve,chute and ppt " 1 SET 97579.01 97579.01 italy
31-Oct-2016 chennai sea 84531000 feed rotary press mostardini for ironing and embossing the leather model :continua qs3 2600 with three rollers 1 NOS 167087.34 167087.34 italy
27-Oct-2016 klppl panki 84531000 hydraulic splitting machine (machine) 1 SET 161517.76 161517.76 italy
25-Oct-2016 chennai air cargo 84531000 new felt for embossing press 1370 x 1000 mm (spare parts for embossing press m/c model mostardini mp9 sc used for leathe 1 NOS 831.05 831.05 italy
25-Oct-2016 chennai air cargo 84531000 new table for embossing press (spare parts for embossing press m/c model mostardini mp9 sc used for leather industry) 2 NOS 191.78 383.56 italy
25-Oct-2016 chennai air cargo 84531000 rubber table type carboten mm 3 (spare parts for embossing press m/c model mostardini mp9 sc used for leather industry) 1 NOS 598.35 598.35 italy

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