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Import is the purchase of goods or services from another country while export is the sale of commodities or services to another foreign country. Import and export are vital links to the development of any country. International trade impact GDP, the exchange and interest rate, and inflation rates. High imports and lower exports can increase the trade deficit and can have adverse effects on the trade deficit. 

Import export data is collected from the bill of lading and shipping manifest submitted to customs authorities around the world. The data contains information such as:-

  • Date of shipment
  • Product description HS Code
  • Quantity and unit quantity
  • Cost of the shipment
  • Port of origin
  • Exporter name and contact details
  • Importer name and contact details

Importers and exporters need genuine data to make their business plans and projections. Import-export data search allows traders to get unique insights that can take their business to a new level. Traders can perform a comprehensive data search to locate new markets to purchase or sell goods. They can find alternative marketplaces if there are changes in government policies. The database allows them to notice changing customer preferences and predict market trends. The data allows businesses to analyze their competitor’s strategies and price their products accordingly. 

Bankers do a data search to look for clients. They offer services such as letters of credit and bank guarantees at attractive rates to importers and exporters. Logistic providers also contact clients to provide transportation facilities. Research companies can analyze data to determine the state country’s economy. They can study or predict the impact of changes in government policy on international trade and the trade deficit. Researchers study the impact of geopolitical events. They study the effect of changing relationships with other countries and international trade deals. Manufacturers can look for alternative avenues to procure raw material while doing data searches. 

You can conduct data searches through governmental portals or reputable research companies working with import-export data such as Export Import Data Solutions Pvt. Ltd. They provide authentic data to allow businesses to make informed decisions.

Customs Shipment Data Search is easy to navigate. It gives users tremendous flexibility to search for data by country, by import or export, by HS Code, or by the product description. This allows the database allows users to filter out relevant data. 

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