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List of Products Exported from India 2024


List of Products Exported from India 2024

Key Highlights

  • India's top export products include jewellery, gems, and petroleum products.

  • For traders, exports are essential because they boost the economy, generate jobs, and improve living conditions.

  • India's top 10 exports include petroleum products, jewellery and gems, textiles and clothing, medications, organic and inorganic chemicals, technology and equipment, iron and steel, vehicles, dairy products, and tea.

  • India's major export markets are the US, the UAE, the Netherlands, China, Bangladesh, Singapore, Brazil, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Germany, and Hong Kong.

  • What is the top India export products list? Do you know it? export goods from India include textiles and garments, jewellery and gems, and petroleum products.   

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With various exports, India's vibrant economy is a significant player in international trade. Also, India has been exporting more goods abroad over the last few decades. India export products list consists of necessities like clothing, petroleum products gasoline, and priceless goods like jewellery. India is currently among the leading exporters, satisfying the demands of numerous other countries. However, India top export products meet the needs of a diverse variety of global consumers, encompassing traditional and state-of-the-art technologies. 

Are you considering exporting but are still determining what you will export? Which goods do Indian exporters export the most? Don't worry; we've compiled a list of products exported from India that you can export. This blog post explores the primary list of Indian export products list and hidden gems in India's top exports, delving into the market insights for these major exports. 

Why is export important for India?

The lifeblood of India's economic expansion is its exports. By exporting goods and services, India generates much-needed foreign exchange. This foreign exchange funds necessary imports and bolsters the rupee, enabling India to take a more active role in international trade. More significantly, a robust export industry creates jobs in a variety of businesses. This economic activity fuels both general growth and improved livelihoods.

India's top 10 exports, or major exports, have long been a significant contributor to its economy, making it one of the world's largest exporters. When operating in global trade, it is essential to understand consumer preferences and current market trends, product name, HS Code, price, amount, source destination name, India imports by country, and so on. Therefore, exporting goods from India is essential for business owners looking to grow.

Now, we'll look at the India export products list,  the most exported products from India, and the top 10 high-demand products for export in India.

India export products list 2024

India's export industry is diverse, active, and encompasses a large number of goods. Now let's discuss India's top exports, or list of Products Exported from India in 2024.

1. Pharmaceuticals 

2. Petroleum Products 

3. Machines and Equipment 

4. Gems and Jewelry 

5. Textiles and Garments 

6. Tea

7. Organic and Inorganic Chemicals

8. Iron and Steel   

9. Vehicles   

10. Dairy Products  

Now, explore the table for major exports of India!

S.No India export products list Export Value (USD Billion)
1 Pharmaceuticals  5.9
2 Petroleum Products 15.5
3 Machines and Equipment 3.1
4 Gems and Jewellery  10.2
5 Textiles and Garments 6.8
6 Tea   1.2
7 Organic and Inorganic Chemicals 4.9
8 Iron and Steel  2.9
9 Vehicles   2.7
10 Dairy Products   2.4

Now, let;s explore the India top export products in detail:

1. Pharmaceuticals and Medicines

Let’s explore key facts for India export products list

With a long-standing reputation for superiority and class, the Indian pharmaceutical industry has led the way in providing generic medications and daily necessities to markets around the world.

Let’s explore key facts for India export products list

  • With over 200 countries receiving its life-saving drugs and therapies, India's pharmaceutical sector is a true healer.

  • With this industry contributing about 6% of all exports, India has been known as the "pharmacy of the world," offering affordable and superior medical treatment.

  • Despite a 3% decline in overall exports, India's pharmaceutical exports increased by 9.67% to USD 27.9 billion in 2023–2024.

  • Additionally, India exports a large variety of pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines, biosimilars, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and generic medications. 

2. Petroleum Products: 

India, the second-biggest refinery in Asia, exports essential petroleum products, including petrol, diesel, and jet fuel, to the US, China, and the Netherlands.

Let’s explore key facts for the India export products list!

  • Petroleum products are considered India's top export products, making up around 10% of total export value and contributing to global economic growth.

  • This industry's USD 15.5 billion export value highlights its importance in the global marketplace.

  • The sector meets a broad spectrum of needs, from petrochemicals to refined petroleum, which makes India a reliable energy partner for many nations.  

  • This category includes liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), jet fuel, petrol, diesel, and other refined fuels and derivatives. 

  • India's petroleum export goods are highly demanded in nations like China, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. 

3. Machines and equipment:

Let’s explore key facts for the India export products list!

  • India is a significant exporter of machinery and mechanical appliances, accounting for more than 3% of total exports.

  • The engineering sector's USD 3.1 billion export value indicates substantial growth. India's ability to produce high-caliber gear is starting to get recognition on the global stage.

  • India is a global exporter of machine tools, pumps, engines, turbines, and other equipment to other nations. 

4. Gems and Jewellery: 

Let’s explore key facts for the India export products list!

  • IDue to its abundance of natural resources, India is a top exporter of cut and polished diamonds, pearls, and gemstones. 

  • These priceless goods, primarily imported from Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh, are sent to the US, the United Arab Emirates, and Hong Kong, considerably increasing India's export revenue.

  • Beautifully crafted items and eye-catching jewels add a substantial export value of USD 10.2 billion.

  • As per India export data, the United States, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom are among the leading destinations for India's magnificent jewellery exports.

5. Textiles and Garments: 

Let’s explore key facts for the India export products list!


  • India is a major global exporter of clothing and textiles made of natural and synthetic fibers. 

  • India's textile and apparel industry, which accounts for around 7% of all exports, weaves its magic throughout the world with a rich tapestry of invention and history.  

  • The nation offers a wide range of textiles and fashions, from the vibrant handlooms of Odisha to the delicate silks of Benaras. 

  • With a 6.8 billion USD export value, this industry is still rather significant.

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6. Tea: 

Let’s explore key facts for export goods from India!

  • India's fragrant and warming tea exports, which make up more than 3% of the country's total export value, tell a lovely narrative. 

  • There is a tea for every taste in the nation, from the robust Assam to the renowned Darjeeling. 

  • With an increasing focus on specialty teas and sustainable agriculture, the experience of drinking Indian tea will look more prosperous and flavorful. 

  • With an export value of USD 1.2 billion, this sector demonstrates a persistent affection for a good cup of chai.

7. Organic and inorganic chemicals: 

Let’s explore key facts for export goods from India!

  • India is the third-biggest chemical manufacturer in Asia and the sixth-largest in the world. It is also one of the top three producers of basic chemicals worldwide.

  • According to data from chemical exporters, the nation ranks 14th globally for chemical exports (not including pharmaceuticals), making up 2.5 percent of global chemical sales. 

  • India's organic and inorganic chemicals industry, which accounts for around 5% of overall exports, is one of the country's top 10 export items, ranging from the smallest molecules to the most significant chemical reactions. 

8. Iron and steel:

Let’s explore key facts for export goods from India!

  • Among India's biggest 10 exports are regarded as iron and steel. Furthermore, it significantly impacts the expansion and advancement of the global building sector.

  • India bought over 16.7 million metric tonnes of iron and steel in 2022, according to data on imports of these materials. 

  • India is a global exporter, and about 205 nations and territories actively purchase iron and steel from it.

  • The major importers are the Middle East, China, the United States, and the European Union. The $9 billion total value of exports is astounding. 

9. Vehicles:

Let’s explore key facts for export goods from India!

  • India is a significant exporter of autos, trucks, and motorcycles. 

  • This country is a vehicle manufacturing hotspot because of its highly skilled workforce and low manufacturing costs. 

  • With an export value of USD 2.7 billion, this industry highlights India's prowess in the transportation sector's manufacturing.

  • India exports automobiles to several nations worldwide, including the US, Europe, and Africa.

10. Dairy Products:

Let’s explore key facts for export goods from India!

  • Dairy products are one of India's biggest exports to other nations. In Western markets, milk from individually bred animals is highly sought after. 

  • Dairy products are another area of specialization for Namibia in agriculture, and they are in great demand in global markets. 

  • India's various agricultural exports are showcased by the great demand for staples like milk, ghee, and cheese abroad.

  • The expanding dairy sector in India is gaining traction abroad. With a global market value of $2.4 billion, dairy products are expanding.

These are India's top 10 exports, or India export products list. Nonetheless, you may quickly contact our platform at any time if you're a trader searching for accurate and up-to-date information on India exports by country, the majority of products shipped from India, or the top 10 export destinations from India. 

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Final Words!

Exports primarily drive India's economic growth. They contribute to a stronger and more prosperous country by generating foreign exchange, jobs, and industrial development.

It's now time to begin exporting and transporting goods around the globe to take advantage of the countless opportunities that lie ahead. You can quickly ship to more than 130 countries with the ExportImportData platform. However, our dedicated experts are always available to provide accurate information if you have questions about India top exports, India export products list, or what India exports the most.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

1. What products are most exported from India?

The most exported products from India include petroleum products, jewellery and gems, textiles and clothing, medications, organic and inorganic chemicals, technology and equipment, iron and steel

2. Which country is India's largest export to?

Based on India's top exports, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and the Netherlands are India's biggest export destinations. 

3. Which product is profitable to export from India?

Among the many products that India exports that are most profitable are jewels, cars, petroleum, and pharmaceuticals.

4. What are India's top 10 exports?

As per India export data, India's top 10 exports include petroleum products, jewellery and gems, textiles and clothing, medications, organic and inorganic chemicals, technology and equipment, iron and steel, vehicles, dairy products, and tea.

5. Which state is the largest exporter in India?

Based on export import data, Gujarat is the largest exporter in India.

India export products list

Major exports of India

Top 3 export goods from India 

Export goods from India Pharmaceuticals

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Export goods from India Textiles and Garments 

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