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India is known as the home of spices. The spice trade has been an ancient tradition in India. Spices from India were traded in Asia, Africa, and Europe as far as 80 BC. The spice route was instrumental in infrastructure development around the coast and land. Spices began to be viewed as a status symbol in Europe. Spices today can easily be procured. Indian spices are in demand throughout the world for its texture, flavor, heavenly aroma, and medicinal properties. Spices have traditionally been grown in small farms and organic farms have gained prominence of late. India is the largest producer and consumer of spices in the world. India is the larger producer of cumin, chili, ginger, and turmeric. India is the second-largest producer of pepper. 

According to the Indian spices export data, India exports 75 of the 109 spices listed in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). India exports both powdered spices and whole spices.

The Indian spices exports have grown at a phenomenal 16% compounded annual growth rate in the last ten years. The data from the Indian spice export data revealed India exported 1.1 million tons of spices and spice products valued at 2.8 billion USD exported in 2018-19. The exports showed a 7% jump from 2.78 billion exported in 2017-18. The data accumulated until September 2019 is valued at 1.5 billion USD was exported. According to projection, the International spice market is expected to be valued at 18 billion USD, with India’s share will be around 5 billion USD. 

Further analysis of Indian spices export data revealed that the top 10 exported spices were:-

  • Chilli (468,500 tons exports)
  • Turmeric (133,600 tons exports)
  • Other spices (Tamarind, Asafoetida, and Cassia) (43,300 tons exports)
  • Garlic (29,500 tons exports)
  • Curry powder/pastes (33,850 tons exports)
  • Mint products (21,610 tons exports)
  • Pepper (13,540 tons exports)
  • Spice oils & Oleoresin (12,750 tons exports)
  • Cardamom seeds (3710 tons)

Analyzing trends of spices export data India ginger showed the highest growth with 31% followed by pepper with 21% growth, and spice oils & oleoresins with 14% exports.The top spices exporting partners of India in 2018-19 were:-

  • USA (37.37 billion rupees)
  • China (31.38 billion rupees)
  • Vietnam (16.93 billion rupees)
  • Iran (12.05 billion rupees)
  • Thailand (9.24 billion rupees)
  • Hong Kong (7.48 billion rupees)
  • UAE (7.09 billion rupees)
  • Bangladesh (7.03 billion rupees)
  • United Kingdom (7.03 billion rupees)
  • Malaysia (6.67 billion rupees)

The major spices exporters in India of India are:-

  • Gopinathji Food Impex
  • M S Shettar
  • Sarvo Agro Overseas
  • Vivers Agro Exports
  • Gi Tagged
  • Rayabaram Import & Exports
  • Dhanraj Enterprise
  • MFAR Agro LLP
  • MM Agro International
  • SeasonCrop International
  • Arora Brothers

The main spices from which the spices were exported from three major ports were from Mundra Seaport (182 million USD with 33.45% of total exports), JNPT(82 million USD), and Kattupalli port sea (71 million USD).

The Indian spices exports data is collected from custom ports around the country. The data is collected from the bill of lading submitted to customs officials. The data contained in the bill of lading are product information contains the HS Code, product description, product quantity, and unit quantity, price of the consignment and the unit value, name of the exporter with the country of origin, port of origin, name of the importer with the country, destination port.

The Spice Board of India helps in the development and promotion of Indian spices around the world. The board helps in quality control and certification, registers exporters, and provides valuable input to the central government regarding policy matters.

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