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Unlocking Opportunities: Analyzing Onion Export Data from India


Onion Export Data from India

Key Highlights:

  • India is the world's second-largest producer of onions, prized for their potent aroma and year-round availability.
  • Over five varieties of onions are produced and exported, such as Agrifound Dark Red, Agrifound Light Red, Agrifound White, and Agrifound Rose, and they are grown in several states throughout India.
  • Due to decreased output predictions, India has placed export limitations on onions; nevertheless, countries may request permission for limited exports.
  • Bangladesh is India's top importer of onions, followed by the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Mauritius, and Bhutan.
  • As per onion export data, China and the Netherlands are the world's leading exporters of onions, with India coming in second.
  • To start exporting onions from India, one must register the business, conduct market research, locate dependable suppliers, and pinpoint international customers.

Did you know? The world's second-biggest manufacturer of onions is India. Indian onions are renowned for having a powerful, pungent scent. Despite being a biannual crop, onions are typically accessible all year. Indian onions take 80 to 150 days to harvest and can be yellow, white, or red in colour.

Onions are also used in cuisines around the globe. Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, and Telangana are the states where onions are primarily harvested. In India, more than five types of onions are cultivated. 

But why is exporting onions profitable, and how can one become successful in this field? This informative blog explores vital information and market insights, including onion export data, a list of onion exports from India, Indian onion exporters, and updated onion HS codes. 

A summary of onion exports from India

According to an official, India has permitted onion shipments to a limited number of countries in response to diplomatic appeals. Nonetheless, an official recently said that the top exporter of onions in the world would keep prohibiting exports due to projections of lower output for the next two years. Read More.

Due to a lack of domestic supply and the inability of a 40% export tax to bring down prices, which had more than doubled to ?100 per kilogramme in some areas, the export limitation was implemented in December 2023. 

Does India allow the export of onions?

Overcoming a prohibition on exports imposed last December, India cleared as much as 79,150 metric tons of onions for export, including 14,400 metric tons, to the UAE on March 1. The El Niño weather phenomena and limited worldwide supplies have forced the government to limit onion exports during the 2023–2024 fiscal year.
On December 8, 2023, the government declared that onion exports from India would be restricted until March 31, 2024. It's been stretched for eternity. However, the DGFT letter states that onions may be exported with permission from the national government upon request from the nations.

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Who is the largest importer of onion from India?

Here is the table for India’s export destinations for onions!


  Onion-importing countries from India

Onion Export Data



50,000 tonnes



550 tonnes



3000 tonnes



12,00 tonnes


United Arab Emirates

14,400 tonnes


In addition to the 3,000 metric tons sent to Bahrain, 1,200 metric tons to Mauritius, and 14,400 metric tons to the United Arab Emirates, the source said that the Union government has authorized the shipment of 50,000 metric tons of onions to Bangladesh and 550 metric tons to Bhutan.

Many of these nations are our close neighbours, and traditionally, India has provided a sizable amount of their onion needs. They are, therefore, accorded precedence," the concerned officer said.

According to official projections, India is expected to harvest 19.3 million tonnes of rabi, or winter-grown onions, in 2023–2024. Compared to the 23.6 million tonnes produced in the previous season, this is almost 18% less. 

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Who is the largest supplier of onions from India?

Indian onion export data show that India is the top exporter of onions, with 819,774 shipments, followed by China with 55,136 shipments and the Netherlands in third place with 52,781 shipments.

Now, explore the top onion exporting countries!

Top 10 Onion exporting countries

Here are the two major onion exporting countries.

Top Rank

Onion Exporting countries

Export Values








United States






New Zealand


















These are the top onion exporters. Additionally, get in contact with the ExportImportData platform as soon as possible to obtain the most recent information on onion exporters, Indian onion exporters, or onion HS codes if you require the list of onion exports from India, exporters of onion in India, or onion export data.

Top Onion Exporters in India

Global demand for Indian onions is rising quickly. India is the world's second-largest producer of onions. About 2182826.23 MT of onions are exported from India to various nations worldwide.

Here is the updated and accurate  list of Indian onion exporters

  • Jain Farm Fresh Foods Ltd
  • Sarah Exim Pvt. Ltd
  • Oceanic Foods Limited
  • Sanghar Exports
  • Pride Fresh Produce
  • Matrix Exports
  • Jai Commercial Centre
  • Vajreshwari Enterprises And Corp
  • Kesco Organics Exports
  • Carewell Impex

So, these companies have a proven track record of supplying high-quality onions to a variety of countries throughout the world. Also, if you need the most recent statistics on onion exports from India, onion exporters data, or onion HS codes, explore!

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How can I start an onion export business in India?

Establishing an onion export company in India can be lucrative, but it takes proper preparation and execution. The following is an overview of the primary steps involved:

  1. Establish your business:Company Registration: Register your company as a legitimate entity to get export licenses.
  2. Certificate of Export Registration (RC): DGFT, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, is where you can apply for an RC.
  3. Market Research: This entails being aware of the popular varieties of onions, the nations with the most significant import requirements, the going rates, and the level of competition. Seek out sources from trade associations, government departments, or market research platforms like that may offer insightful information such as onion export data, a list of onion exports from India, onion HS codes, and much more. 
  4. Obtaining Reliable Suppliers: Identifying dependable suppliers who can reliably deliver superior onions that satisfy export requirements is critical. To learn the supplier's list of top exporters of onions, you need to visit and instantly explore the onion trade market.
  5. Identify Global buyers
    • Trade Associations: To network with possible customers, join the appropriate trade associations.
    • Online Marketplaces: Reach out to foreign importers using our data-driven platform,

Wind Up!

So, India's onion exports offer a significant opportunity for wealth and financial achievement. If exporters follow through with guidance and caution when confronted with associated hazards, they can confidently navigate the onion export landscape.
On the other hand, if you're a trader looking for an updated list of onion exports from India or Indian onion exporters, you can utilize live data to perform a free information search in India. Please get in touch with one of our committed data specialists anytime to set up a free live demo and discover more!

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