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Top 10 Agricultural Products exported from India


Top 10 Agricultural Products exported from India

Millions of farmers in India rely on agriculture as their primary source of income, and it also shapes the culture of the country. Beyond its importance at home, India has become a key participant in the global agricultural arena. Also, India is renowned for producing a wide variety of agricultural products that are exported to other nations. Agricultural products that are highly sought after and exported from India include spices, tea, grains, legumes, sugar, fruits, vegetables, and rice varieties from India.

Key Highlights

  • India's economy depends heavily on agriculture, which also shapes the country's culture and employs millions of people.
  • India's expanding significance in world agriculture is demonstrated by the $50 billion in agricultural products it sold in the fiscal year 2021–2022.
  • Groundnuts, sesame seeds, cashews, wheat, lentils, rice (basmati and other types), vegetable oils, and other cereals are among the top exports.
  • The top agriculture products export from India is basmati rice, which is followed by other types of rice.
  • With products reaching 111 nations, India's agricultural exports are varied and satisfy a wide range of international tastes.
  • In 2021–2022, the nation's imports of agricultural products also grew noticeably, with major rises in the imports of vegetable oil, fresh fruits, pulses, spices, and cashews.

This blog explores top agriculture products export from India, highlighting the diverse range of tastes and vital components that the nation provides to the global market. A voyage through colourful fields, vibrant markets, and the delicious scents that characterize Indian agriculture awaits you!

India's agricultural exports reach a record-breaking record

India's economy is based primarily on agriculture, which supports millions of farmers and shapes the cultural landscape of the country. India just accomplished a historic first by exporting $50 billion worth of agricultural products during the 2021–2022 fiscal year. This outstanding accomplishment emphasizes how important Indian agriculture is becoming on the international scene.  

Let’s explore the quick summary!

  • Agriproduct export data reveals that India's agricultural exports were valued at USD 53.1 billion. 
  • Fresh fruits had an astounding 29% growth, making them the greatest performer in the fiscal year 2022–2023. 
  • Additionally, during that time, exports of processed vegetables rose by 24%, with considerable increases observed in other processed items such as fresh vegetables and basmati rice as compared to the previous year.  

India now exports fresh fruit to 111 nations, up from 102 the year before. This is a noteworthy increase in the country's export footprint.

Based on data from India's agri-exports, rice is the most widely exported agricultural crop from the country, making up over 19% of total farm exports in 2021–2022. According to India's agriculture import export data, agriculture products export from India in 2021–2022 were sugar, spices, and buffalo meat, which accounted for 9%, 8%, and 7% of total exports, respectively.  

Between April and November 2023, several basic goods had notable increases in comparison to the prior year: 

  • Bananas (63%), 
  • Dry and shelled lentils (110), 
  • Fresh eggs (160%),
  • Kesar and Dasheri mangoes (120% and 140%).

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Now, explore the top 10 Agriculture products exported from India

Top Agriculture Products Export from India

India's agricultural exports are an evolving array that meets many different global palates. The following are the top agricultural items that India exports: Let’s explore the table for major agricultural products exported from India.



Top 10 agriculture products export from India

Agriculture Export Data

(USD Million)


Rice -Basmati



Rice(Other (other than basmati)









Tobacco( Manufactured)






Sesame Seeds






Vegetable Oils



Other Cereals



Thus, they are major agricultural products exported from India. Would you like a current list of agriculture products export from India? connect to our intuitive dashboard.

Agri and related imports increased by 50.56% to Rs 239189.50 crore in 2021–22 compared to the previous year (2020–21). The majority of the increase in the value of Agri and Allied imports in 2020–21 was driven by imports of vegetable oil (72.34%), fresh fruits (16.35%), pulses (39.29%), spices (20.00%), and cashew (24.66%). 

Based on agriculture export data, the following is the list of agricultural products exported from India:

  1. Basmati rice: This aromatic long-grain strain is highly valued due to its unique aroma and subtle flavour. Basmati, which is mostly grown in northern India, is generally matured for many months before milling, which improves the quality of the grain. Popular throughout the Middle East, Europe, and the US, basmati rice is most commonly exported from India.
  2. Other than Basmati rice: India exports a sizable amount of other rice kinds, however, Basmati gets most of the attention. These include long-grain rice types like IR64 and shorter-grain kinds of rice like Sona Masuri. These rice are widely used as staple foods worldwide and are renowned for their adaptability and affordability.
  3. Pulses: Also referred to as lentils, pulses are produced and are top agricultural products export from India. Mung beans (moong dal), black grams (urad dal), and red lentils (masoor dal) are common variations. Around the world, pulses are used in stews, curries, and dals and are a rich source of plant-based protein and nutritional fiber.
  4. Wheat: Although rice is the most popular grain in India, wheat is also a significant cereal crop. Indian wheat, which is mostly sold to nearby nations in Asia and Africa, provides food in the form of bread, roti (flatbread), and other wheat-based goods.
  5. Manufactured Tobacco: Cigarettes and chewing tobacco are among the manufactured tobacco products that India produces in large quantities and exports. Nonetheless, there are health hazards associated with tobacco use, which is why many nations forbid its usage.
  6. Cashew: Cashews are processed and considered a top 10 agriculture products export from India. Before being transported throughout the world, the raw cashews are imported from African nations and shelled, roasted, and salted in India. A common snack and component in many different cuisines are cashews. Also, read opportunities on Cashew Nut Export from India
  7. Sesame Seeds: Packed with fiber, calcium, and good fats, sesame seeds are small but mighty. Sesame seeds are grown throughout India and exported whole or processed into oil for use in cosmetics, medications, and cookery.
  8. Groundnut: A legume crop grown in India, groundnuts are also referred to as peanuts. Groundnuts are consumed globally in a variety of ways and are a good source of protein and healthy fats when exported shelled or as peanut butter.
  9. Vegetable Oils: India is a major exporter of soybean, palm, and sunflower oils, among other vegetable oils. These oils are used in the preparation of processed meals as well as in cooking and frying.
  10. Other Cereals: India exports sorghum, millet, and corn (maize), in addition to rice and wheat. These grains are used to make alcoholic beverages, feed animals, and ensure food security.

These are the top 10 agriculture products export from India. Still, India plays a significant role in the world market for agricultural exports, with rice leading the way. The country's top agricultural export is basmati rice, with other varieties coming in second. Synthetic tobacco, wheat, and legumes are important additional sources.

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Grains, vegetable oils, and oilseeds like sesame and peanuts are also on the list. India's agriculture industry has room to grow in terms of exports. Additionally, Visit to get the most up-to-date list of agricultural products exported from India or to choose the best agricultural commodity to export from India. 

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India boasts an abundance of agricultural produce, ranging from rich and flavorful Basmati rice to protein-packed beans. In addition to making a substantial economic contribution to India, this wide range of exports feeds people all over the world. We may anticipate even more fascinating additions to India's already amazing list of agricultural exports in the years to come as it develops and modernizes its agricultural industry.

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