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The Best way to Find Buyers for Garlic Export from India


The Best way to Find Buyers for Garlic Export from India

Key Highlights:

  • India is the world's second-largest garlic exporter, after China. 

  • Garlic export from India reached a record high in 2023, owing to supply chain difficulties in China. 

  • Indian garlic flakes have become more popular in West Asian countries. 

  • India's main garlic export markets include the US, Malaysia, Brazil, Germany, and the UK. 

  • The HS code for fresh garlic is 07032000.

  • The Netherlands, Mexico, Malaysia, and the United States are among the top 10 garlic exporting countries.

  • Some of garlic exporters in India include Adinath Trading Co., Sapphire Agro Tech, and Ammeaz International Private Limited. 

Did you know? Garlic is considered a vegetable, belonging to the onion family. It has the strength to fight against cancer, and heart disease, which makes it popular worldwide. It is consumed in both raw and cooked forms. Also, garlic has been one of the most adored plants due to its medicinal and culinary properties. However, garlic is recognised as the star performer in India's spice export basket for 2022-23, outperforming other major exports due to increased demand, high pricing, and the Chinese variety's decreasing position in global markets. In this blog post, we will explore the best way to find buyers for garlic export from India along with garlic exporters in India, garlic HS Codes and updated garlic export data. 

Is garlic popular in India?

You can undoubtedly say that garlic is popular in India. In fact, it is a key element in Indian cuisine, alongside ginger and green chilies. India is actually the world's second-largest producer of garlic, only behind China.

Notably, in FY23, a garlic yield constraint in China led to record garlic export from India. However, exports are performing even better this year, and they are set to reach a new high.

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Lets know more about garlic export from India

Garlic export from India: 2023-24

Let’s explore the key summary for garlic export from India: 

  • India is the second largest exporter of garlic, followed by China.

  • In 2023, India broke records in terms of garlic exports due to some interruptions in China's garlic supply chain.

  • In 2024, garlic exporters in India  are likely to touch a new peak.

  • As per garlic export data, garlic export of  56,823 metrics  a value of 277 crores in 2023-24. 

  • This was the first time garlic exports crossed the value of 50,000 tons.

  • The garlic production in India is much higher than in China. China produced over 23 million metric tonnes, whereas India produced 3 million metric tonnes.

  • The biggest markets to export garlic from India are Indonesia, United States, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Brazil.

India's exports include more fresh garlic. However, in recent years, the demand for garlic flakes from India has surpassed significantly.

Demand for Indian garlic flakes increased in 2013 as Chinese flakes prices rose. In recent years, various West Asian countries have purchased garlic flakes from India, in addition to Far Eastern countries. Murtuza Badami, MD of Murtuza Foods, a renowned garlic flakes exporter, stated that his company's flakes are 40% cheaper than Chinese garlic flakes.

Now, let’s explore the key destinations for Indian garlic exports!

Which country imports garlic from India?

Below are the import trends of the largest garlic importer in 2023-24. This garlic export import data shows the recent value of garlic import plus the up or down of import compared to last year in percentage. 



Import trend

United States












United Kingdom












These countries have a lot of potential for exporters of garlic to start trade. The plus percentage values show the rise in demand for garlic. Garlic export data has more detailed information, which would definitely help exporters find relevant markets to export garlic and other products. The ExportImportData platform helps provide you with top garlic exporters in India, garlic HS codes, and much more. 

Let’s explore the updated garlic HS codes!

HS Classification- HS codes of Garlic Products

Here are the HS codes for the top categories of garlic and related products. As per garlic export data, these are the top categories of garlic that are exported with the HS Code. The HS code is a standardized number that helps to classify traded products.

Sr. no.

Product description

HS Codes


Ginger & garlic paste



Shallots, Garlic, onions, Leeks and other fresh or chilled alliaceous vegetables



Freshly packed garlic 


Top 10 Garlic exporting countries

As per garlic export data, these are the top 10 garlic exporters. 

Top Rank

Garlic Exporting Countries

Export Values











United States




















These are the top garlic exporting countries. The Netherlands is the biggest exporter of garlic with an export value of $104.96 million. Also, if you need up-to-date statistics on garlic export from India, garlic exporters in India, garlic powder export from India, or garlic export data, use our platform to get the most recent garlic HS code or garlic exporter information right now.

The biggest exporter of Garlic in India

Here is an updated list of the top 10 garlic exporters in India:

  • Adinath Trading Co., New Delhi

  • Sapphire Agro Tech, Pune

  • Ammeaz International Private Limited, Srinagar

  • Basil Food Export, Bhavnagar

  • Jai Commercial Centre, Chennai

  • Virendra Haribhai Pansara, Rajkot

  • Carewell Impex, Ahemdabad

  • Radhey Shyam Raj Kumar, New Delhi

  • Anantagriexports, Rajkot

  • Indian Herbs store, New Delhi

So, these are the biggest garlic exporters in India. Also, if you need the updated list of garlic exporters, garlic hs codes or garlic export data, visit today. 

How to find relevant buyers for garlic export?

Exporters can easily find genuine buyers for their products as provides export data for specific products regionwise, which makes our export and import data easy to use.

We are well-known for our real-time information database compiled from reliable sources. It will connect you with suppliers or buyers of garlic from all over the world. 

Final Words!

To sum up, the garlic business in India is prospering, with the country emerging as a global leader in garlic exports. Despite hurdles such as variable supply and severe competition, India has successfully used its assets to meet the world's growing need for garlic.

Whether you need the most recent garlic exporters in India, garlic export from India, a garlic HS code, or garlic export export from India, is ready to assist you in getting current market insights, market trends, which will eventually help to grow your trade business in the international trading arena. Schedule a free demo today! 


1. Which is the biggest garlic market in India?

Mandsaur is India’s largest garlic market. It is located in Madhya Pradesh.

2. Who is the biggest exporter of garlic?

As per garlic export data, the biggest garlic exporter is the Netherlands, with export values of $104.96 million.

3. Which countries import garlic from India?

As per garlic import data, the main importers of Indian garlic are Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Bangladesh.

4. Who is the largest producer of garlic in India?

Madhya Pradesh is the biggest garlic-producing state, accounting for around 65 percent of the output.

5. Who are the international buyers of garlic?

Based on garlic exporters data, India's major garlic export markets include the US, Malaysia, Brazil, Germany, and the UK.

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