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A List of Top Onion Exporters in Nashik


Key Highlights: 

  • Nashik, Maharashtra, is famed for its onions, which are known for their bitter taste and long shelf life.

  • Maharashtra accounts for about 40% of India's onion crop, with Nashik making a substantial contribution.

  • The city's onion market, particularly Lasalgaon, is a major player in India's onion trade, making a considerable contribution to the country's exports.

  • India shipped a record 2.5 million metric tonnes of onions in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023, and traders believe it accounts for more than half of Asian onion imports.

  • The top Onion exporters in Nashik are: Sunrise Exports, Ratan Trading Company, Zameer Traders, and others, which are Nashik's leading onion exporters.

  • The Indian government extended the restriction on onion exports until March 31, 2024.

Nashik, a city in Maharashtra, is well-known for its onions. These pungent bulbs, famous for their bitter flavor and extended shelf life, are common in kitchens around the world. Onions are widely grown throughout the country, and they constitute the most important commercial vegetable crop in India. You may consume it fresh or cooked. 

It not only improves the taste of food but also has numerous therapeutic qualities. But how do these Nashik onion export from india? The answer is found in the city's growing network of onion exporters. This blog post provides a curated list of Onion exporters in Nashik, allowing you to connect with the best in the industry.

Why is Nashik Famous for Onions?

Nashik is famous for its onions, and it is also the largest onion supplier in India. accounting for almost 40% of the total crop. Also, Nashik itself is a significant contributor to Maharashtra. Nashik provides an ideal habitat and climate for onion growth. Furthermore, it has a black and red soil combination, which is good for onion cultivation. 

Some Interesting facts about Nashik Onions

Many states traditionally grow onions twice a year, but Maharashtra does not. In the largest onion-producing state, onions are grown three times a year to meet high demand. Nashik onions are recognized for their strong flavor and long shelf life. This makes them excellent for long-distance travel and international trade.

Onion Market in Nashik: Key Facts and Statistics:

Nashik's onion market is a booming hub, playing an important role in the city's economy and considerably contributing to India's position as a top onion exporter. 

Let us look at some crucial facts and figures about onion export from India:

Onion Production in Nashik:

  • Maharashtra is the undisputed monarch of onion production in India, accounting for 40% of the total crop.

  • Production is expected to fall to 35 lakh metric tons. Nashik district's summer onion plantation totaled 2.21 lakh hectares in 2022-23. 

  • The area under summer onion plantation in four districts of north Maharashtra has reduced by 40% this year compared to last year.

Onion Export from India:

  • Traders expect that India, which has shorter shipment periods than rivals such as China or Egypt in some locations, accounts for more than half of Asian onion imports.

  • As per onion export from India statistics, India exported a record 2.5 million metric tonnes of onions in the fiscal year ending on March 31, 2023.

  • Onion prices in some wholesale marketplaces in Maharashtra, the largest onion-producing state, have dropped to 1,200 rupees ($14) per 100 kg from 4,500 rupees in December 2023

Biggest onion market in Nashik:

  • As per nashik onion exporters data, Lasalgaon, near Nashik, Maharashtra, is Asia's largest onion market. It is the biggest hub of onion export from India.

  • The Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC) of Lasalgaon in Nashik, Asia's largest onion market, has ceased trading onions in protest of the Center's imposition of a 40% export levy on the kitchen staple.

Major Export Destinations (2022-23):

  • As per onion export data, Bangladesh, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Indonesia are the major export destinations for India's onion exports.

Now, let's explore the top onion exporters in Nashik!

Top Onion Exporters in Nashik

Here is the list of top onion exporters in Nashik or onion suppliers in maharashtra:

  1. Sunrise Exports. 

  2. Ratan Trading Company. 

  3. Zameer Traders. 

  4. Omas Enterprises. 

  5. Shri Radhe Krishna Trading Company

  6. Sambha Agro FPC Ltd., 4.626 Ratings

  7. Ss-Mariner International Pvt Ltd. 

  8. B.K.P. traders. 

  9. Saptashrungi Traders

  10. Shrikant Trading Company

So, these are the top 10 onion exporters in Nashik. Are you ready to capitalize on Nashik's onion export potential? can be your all-in-one solution. Our data-driven platform gives users access to detailed statistics for onion export from India, market insights, and important connections in the global trade ecosystem.

Now, let's uncover the red onion suppliers in Nashik!

Top Red Onion Suppliers in Nashik

Here is the list of top red onion suppliers in Nashik:

  1. Jayachandra Foods Private Limited

  2. Az Overseas

  3. JJ. Agrofarm Private Limited

  4. Swastik Traders

  5. Alka Impex

  6. Eagle International Export & Import

  7. Shree Ambe Traders

  8. Sadguru Food Processing

  9. Sree Ram Traders

  10. Krishna International

So, these are the top 10 red onion suppliers in Nashik. While Nashik is known for its onions in general, finding particular information regarding onion exporters in Nashik might be difficult. There are various platforms on the market, but one of the best is Here you can obtain an updated list of onion exporters in Nashik, onion suppliers, Nashik onion export data, an updated list of which onion export from India, and much more. 

Onion Export from India bans till Further Orders

The Indian government has prolonged the prohibition on onion export from India until the end of the fiscal year. Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh told PTI on Tuesday (February 20) that the export prohibition will be extended till March 31, 2024, as the government seeks to improve domestic availability and keep costs under control.

This approach by the Center is a continuation of its stance taken in late 2023. On December 8, 2023, a notification from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade said that the "export policy of onions... is amended from free to prohibited till March 31, 2024."

Through general elections scheduled in the coming months, the ban is unlikely to be lifted even after March 31, as rabi (winter) onion production is expected to fall due to reduced land coverage, particularly in Maharashtra, sources said.

Wind Up!

Nashik's onion exporters serve as the link between farm-fresh products and worldwide markets. After reading this blog and completing additional research, you can locate the onion exporters in nashik easily. Furthermore, exports of onions to friendly countries are allowed on a case-by-case basis after approval from the inter-ministerial committee.  

So, if you need any assistance regarding onion exporters in Nashik, red onion suppliers in Nashik, or onion export from India, visit and explore the best market research report instantly. To book a free live demo, Visit our data-driven platform today!

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ’s)

Which onion is best for export?

Certain yellow onion types, including Tana F1, Arad-H, Suprex, Granex 55, HA 60, and Granex 429, are appropriate for export to European countries. 

Which country imports onions from India?

As per onion export data, India exported $585 million in onions. India's biggest export destinations for onions were Bangladesh ($145 million), Malaysia ($107 million), the United Arab Emirates ($71.3 million), Sri Lanka ($65.6 million), and Nepal ($41.3 million).

Who is the largest exporter of onions in the world?

According to Indian onion exporters data, India is the biggest exporter of onions, with 819,774 shipments, followed by China with 55,136 shipments and the Netherlands in third place with 52,781.

Which state is the highest producer of onions in India?

Maharashtra. It is the largest producer of onions, producing over 13301.7 metric tons.

Which district is famous for onions in Maharashtra?

Satara, Nashik, Jalgaon, Pune, Solapur, and Ahmednagar are the primary onion farming districts in Maharashtra, accounting for around 94.68 percent of the state's onion production area.

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