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Section-06 Chapter (28 to 38) – Section VI - Products of the Chemicals or Allied Industries
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Chapter-29 Organic Chemicals
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29331100 Hs Code For Phenazone (antipyrin) and its derivates
293319 Hs Code For Other:
29331910 Hs Code For 3-carboxy (para sulpho-phenyl)-5- pyrazolone
29331920 Hs Code For 1 (2,5- dichloro-4-sulpho phenyl)-3-methyl-5-pyrazolone
29331930 Hs Code For 3-methyl-1(4-sulpho-O-toluyl-5-pyrazolone)
29331940 Hs Code For Phenylmethylpyrazolone
29331950 Hs Code For 1-phenyl-5-pyrazolone-3-carboxylic acid ethylester
29331960 Hs Code For 1-(m-sulphophenyl)-3-pyrazolone
29331970 Hs Code For Analgin
29331980 Hs Code For Oxyphenbutazone
29331990 Hs Code For Other
29332100 Hs Code For Hydantoin and its derivatives
293329 Hs Code For Other:
29332910 Hs Code For Tinidazole
29332920 Hs Code For Metronidazole, metronidiazole benzoate
29332930 Hs Code For Mebendazole
29332940 Hs Code For Dimetridazole
29332950 Hs Code For Albendazole
29332990 Hs Code For Other
29333100 Hs Code For Pyridine and its salts
29333200 Hs Code For Piperidine and its salts
29333300 Hs Code For Alfentanil (INN), anileridine (INN), bezitramide (INN), bromazepam (INN), difenoxin (INN), diphenoxy-late (INN), dipipanone (INN), fen-tanyl (INN), keto bemidone (INN), methylphenidate (INN), pentazo-cine (INN), pethidine (INN), pethi-dine intermediate A,
293339 Hs Code For Other:
29333911 Hs Code For Amino pyridine
29333912 Hs Code For Alpha picoline (2-methyl pyridine)
29333913 Hs Code For Gamma picoline (4-methyl pyridine)
29333914 Hs Code For Chloropheniramine maleate
29333915 Hs Code For Diphenoxylate hydrochloride
29333916 Hs Code For Beta picoline (3-methyl pyridine)
29333917 Hs Code For Morpholine
29333918 Hs Code For Lutidine (Dimethyl Pyridine)
29333919 Hs Code For Other
29333920 Hs Code For Piperidine and its derivatives
29333930 Hs Code For 1-Azabicyclo (2.2.2.) octan-3-ol or Quinuclidine-3-ol
29333940 Hs Code For Benzene acetic acid, alpha -hydroxy-alpha-phenyl, 1-azabicyclo[2.2.2.]oct- 3-yl ester
29333990 Hs Code For Other
29334100 Hs Code For Levorphanol (INN) and its salts
29334900 Hs Code For Other
29335200 Hs Code For Malonylurea (barbituric acid) and its salts
29335300 Hs Code For Allobarbital (INN), amobarbital (INN), barbital (INN), butalbital (INN), butobarbital (INN), cyclo-barbital (INN), methylphenobarbi-tal (INN), pentobarbital (INN), secbutabarbital (INN), phenobar-bital (INN), secobarbital (INN), and vinylbital (INN); salt
29335400 Hs Code For Other derivatives of malonylurea (barbituric acid); salts thereof
29335500 Hs Code For Loprazolam (INN), mecloqualone (INN), methaqualone (INN) and zipeprol (INN);salts thereof
293359 Hs Code For Other:
29335910 Hs Code For Aminophylline (cordophylin)
29335920 Hs Code For Trimethoprim
29335930 Hs Code For Diethyl carbamazine citrate
29335940 Hs Code For 1-Amino-4-Methyl piperazine
29335990 Hs Code For Other
29336100 Hs Code For Melamine
293369 Hs Code For Other:
29336910 Hs Code For Cyanuric acid and its salts
29336990 Hs Code For Other
29337100 Hs Code For Caprolactam [Exemption Duty Ref by SNo(210) in Ntfn 50-Customs/2017 dated 30.06.2017]
29337200 Hs Code For Clobazam (INN) and methyprylon (INN)
29337900 Hs Code For Other lactams
29339100 Hs Code For Alprazolam (INN), camazepam (INN) chloridiazepoxide (INN), clonazepam (INN), clorazepate, delorazepam (INN), diazepam (INN), estazolam (INN), ethyl loflazepate (INN), fludiazepam (INN), flunitrzepam (INN), flura-zepam (INN), halazaepam (INN), lorazepam (I
29339200 Hs Code For Azinphos-methyl (ISO)
29339900 Hs Code For Other

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